Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday Fragments

Mrs. 4444 hosts Friday Fragments each week. It's a great excuse to get all those little snippets that gather in the brain and don't seem enough for one post but together they can make one fun blog post! I've been working on these all week! Enjoy!

Mocha, the aloof, is famous! She was pictured on Victoria Moran's website, here. She, Victoria, is one of my favorite authors and she sent me an email a week or two ago. It said....
"Thanks for the lovely mentions ...of my books on your blog. I'm honored.

And I love the picture of your cat with Living a Charmed Life. May I put in my blog? I'm happy to link back.

My very best,
I have mentioned Victoria quite a bit - Click here to see all the posts I've written..if you'd like! :)

Wrist Worms from Sweden. This link takes you to the images page - I think there are 10 images. Just keep clicking on the photo to see all of the images and to see what the wrist worms actually do! I know a few dozen folks that could use a pair of these this winter.

Three families from our transplant group have been able to go home. They have all been very active in our group and their absence is huge! Oh goodness, I certainly wish them love and health and I am so happy that they finally got to go home, but I miss them! I guess that means that I'll have to become friends with a whole new group.

This photo was taken the night before Ed and Carolyn and their son Jonathan left town. Tom had just said to them that he'd hug them goodbye but he wasn't a hugger. All three of them pounced and nearly knocked Tom off his feet! I love spontaneity. Since I missed the spontaneous hug, they posed for this shot. Carolyn really isn't that short, by the way. I love this family. I am going to miss them.

I've never been able to make friends easily. I am always thinking that the person is just waiting for an escape or is just being nice. I know that I can talk a person's ear off and I try real hard to be the listener. I'm finding as I get older that I'm listening more. I'm not sure if I talk any less, but I'm listening more! Being a part of the transplant support group has taught me SO much and one of those things is that it's taught me how to be a friend in a hurry. I don't have years to befriend someone. Sometimes these folks can only make it to a few meetings, so I make sure to extend myself to them immediately. I don't have time to decide if I like every last detail about them or if they click with my personality. There have been some folks that haven't clicked with me or me with them, but loving them anyway has been an incredible gift. If only I'd figured a lot of this out 30 years ago.

How to make Scratch Off Tickets for whatever you want...
gift baskets, give-aways and even love notes!

My husbands birthday is coming up - 09-09-09. I love dates like that. I hope he has a great day!!

If there is a blog that I once liked but has gone on a tangent that I'm not particularly fond of, I'll place that blog into Time Out. (the very bottom section of my Google Reader) I rarely get down to that section during the course of a normal week. When I finally get to read the Time Out section, I've got a few weeks I can browse to see if they have gotten back to the topics and content that I enjoy. If not, I delete. I usually leave the blogs in Time Out for a few months before transferring them back up to the top or deciding to delete. I had a lot of blogs in Time Out during last years election season!

It's been a pleasure being a part of Friday Fragments this week. Stop by Mrs. 4444's blog, Half Past Kissing Time, to see more Friday Fragmenters.


Mamí♥Picture said...

How ADORABLE is Mocha!!
super cute! and Wow in a special website so cute!
I totally love the worm things, lol they are so cool! I must buy some =)
anyways, Have a Lovely Long Weekend!

Sara Elizabeth said...

Pretty kitty!

I think it is interesting that you know you talk more than you listen and that you are listening more. I have had friends who are all 'me me me my my my i i i', and I never get a word in. That is the worst. It's hard to have a conversation that way. I am sure that isn't how you are, though. Not many people are that selfish during conversations.

You've got a neat system to keep your google reader full of blogs you actual read. I generally stop reading blogs if I lose interest, but I tend to check back from time to time.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Since my Dad received his new heart, he feels the same way you do. Make an impact on someone NOW while you have the is too short to wait.

9 days until I stand in front of 500 people and read the letter I wrote to my dad's donor family. Still can't believe it was 6 years ago that he got a new birthday.


Mary Ellen said...

Great post! I love your attitude about making friends. You're so right - we should all learn from your example.

I like the wrist worms, but I'm thinking about how I can make them myself! I don't crochet, but I bet I can figure out how to knit them!

Love the scratch ticket thing. I make cards (rubber stamping) and can think of some really fun things to do with this idea.

Eternal Lizdom said...

It's your husband's Super Magic Birthday!! Cool!

MrsSki said...

My hubby's birthday three years ago was 06-06-06...creepy! haha! I don't get into those superstitions but other people he knew were avoiding him all!

Claudya Martinez said...

I'm going to follow your lead and become a better listener.

j said...

I loved this post. You revealed a lot about your heart and I think you are an amazing person.

Happy Birthday to Hubby on 09-09-09 but ALSO.... Beatles Rockband video game comes out on that date - happy news for this Beatles fan. SOMEBODY is getting it for Christmas :)

Wonderful pictures with this post!

j said...

I am sending the link for the scratch off ticket to a friend by the way. That was a cool find!

Stacy Uncorked said...

What a fun birthdate your hubby has this year! Happy (early) Birthday to him! :)

Mocha is beautiful!!

I love what you wrote about making friends...I can relate!

What a great idea for putting blogs on a 'Time Out' and checking back to see if they're back to what you enjoyed in the beginning. I need to organize the ones I follow so I can be more consistent in reading/commenting to the ones I truly enjoy. :)

Happy FF! :)

mub said...

Your kitty is so pretty!

I find myself being the listener more than the talker too, I get really awkward when I have to speak a lot *L*

kaxray said...

I can really relate to your comments on listening more as you get older. 12 years ago I married my husband Derek - he's a talker, boy is he a talker... I learned quickly unless we were going to talk over eachother or "at" eachother, I'd have to change my ways. I spend much more time now with everyone I meet with my lips shut.

kaxray said...

I can really relate to your comments on listening more as you get older. 12 years ago I married my husband Derek - he's a talker, boy is he a talker... I learned quickly unless we were going to talk over eachother or "at" eachother, I'd have to change my ways. I spend much more time now with everyone I meet with my lips shut.

Mrs4444 said...

these are some terrific fragments! I really love your ideas and links. I'm going to find a way to use the scratch-off idea for something at school. The wrist worms are AWESOME. (expensive, but awesome. Wish I could afford some.)

I especially loved what you wrote about not having time to be all picky about making friends with people. Really; I found it inspiring and heartwarming.

LOVE the timeout idea!!! I keep thinking (well, back when I had time to read blogs) that I should delete a blog, and then I decide not to. Time Out is a perfect idea!

Smellyann said...

Cute kitty!!

And the concept of putting blogs in Time-Out is both amusing and smart. Good idea!

4 Lettre Words said...

Sweet, Mocha! Is she a Ragdoll-mix? Her facial markings look a lot like a bi-color.

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

SWEET Kitty!

I have to tell you, my kids discovered weird al about 2 years ago, when I was showing them the beat it video, and then thought to show them eat it. They to this day cannot get enough of him. I dont know if they have seen this vidoe but I am going to show them. To funny!

I have been reading up tonight, getting updated. I was sick, then Jack-my youngest. Anyway, great ohotos fromthe market. I LOL'd on the tomato pic (I got this one).

I hope your friend is feeling better, after being dehydrated.
Hope you are good, Kristin!

And girl...I used to try and post every day...and now I am a slacker. I try, but life gets in the way. Its ok. I still ove you and will keep coming back.
Speaking of, we need to get on Jeannie of Musings. She and I have been in touch, she said she is going to get back into the game. She has been under alot at work. Keep her in your prayers.

LOve ya, K!

brainella said...

I like that Time Out for blogs idea. I usually just delete, delete, delete. :)