Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Brunch

We had brunch today at Clara's in Lansing, MI. My dad couldn't make it to the party last night, so we all got together at noon. It was a really nice brunch buffet, but the best part was playing with the kids in the restaurant. Zora was real good today & Stella was just a bundle of love. She smiled and coo'd and drooled and giggled.

Here are a few photos that Alison (the mother of Zora of Stella) took at Brunch this morning.

Kristin, Stella and Judith (aka, Auntie, baby, Nanna)

Kristin, Stella, Zora and Judith

Stella & Kristin

We are back home now in Jacksonville after a wonderful 4 days in Lansing, MI. Thanks Mom for the hospitality and the guest room. Thanks Hillary for the wonderful stories of your trip to Europe. Alison, Thanks so much for letting me spend time your kids and for allowing me to kiss them a million times. Also thanks so much for sending those photos from brunch - they made a perfect blog post. Dad, thanks for being available to us today. It is always great to spend time with you.

Have a great week!!

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LLG Denise said...

ooooo Stella already looks a lot like Zora! She doesn't look like a baby (well newborn) anymore--she looks like a kid! Goodness, how old is she now? seems like only a couple of months....