Wednesday, February 27, 2008

WFMW - Tourist in your own town

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My best friend was here visiting me this week - Oh what fun we've had. We took a trip to St. Augustine yesterday, just about 30 miles South of where I live in Jacksonville, FL. We decided to take the Old Town Trolley Tour and listen to the history of St. Augustine while riding in the trolley. The trolley had almost 2 dozen stops along the route where we could get out, walk, shop and site see and then jump back on the trolley to be taken to a new part of town. We also got a chance to see the oldest house in St. Augustine. It was all just fascinating and a ton of fun.
When I lived in Lansing, Michigan one weekend a year there was a special event called "Be a Tourist in Your Own Town" and nearly everything was open for special tours, family events, & special discounted rates. It was so much fun to visit places you normally wouldn't do unless you had company & were showing them the town. I have since moved to Florida, but I always enjoyed that weekend - It was a lot of fun.
My tip for you this week is to get out of the house. Be a tourist in your own town. Ride a trolley if you have one in your city. Go to a museum you wouldn't normally go see. Look at a statue that is in your town and find out a little about the person. Be a tourist in your own town and have a Great Day!


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