Wednesday, October 18, 2006

40th birthday

Today is my 40th birthday. What a day. I'm excited beyond belief for some reason. Maybe because it is such a big birthday or maybe it is because I have shed the 30's -- which was a really good decade but full of indecision and longing for something that I didn't have.

My husband had a liver transplant last year (December 23rd, 2005) and that really tested me as compassionate person and as a caregiver. He is doing very well now and back to his new normal self. This birthday brings along some sort of closure - that we made it through such a rough time in our lives and now we can just go forward from here.

How exciting. It is all new. I've never been here before!

I went to Borders bookstore this morning and spent time looking at all of the books. You know what caught me laughing in the store? That the Romance section was right next to the Horror section. Isn't that the truth sometimes! lol

Thought for today -- It is a Great Day!