Saturday, October 31, 2009

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Home again in Jacksonville

Just wanted to update you all.

I'm home.  :)

It was about 600 miles instead of 520 due to the detour.  I had pouring rain throughout the gorgeous mountains. I tried several times to get out and take a photo of them but the rain was relentless.  By the time the rain let up, I was in an area where the mountains were no more.  Ahh well.  Just think - yellow, orange, brown and lots of trees that had already lost thier leaves.  There were very few reds left in the mountains but the browns and oranges were beautiful. 

I stopped a few times for fuel for the car and the driver, but for the most part I just kept going.  My feet swelled up something awful on the first day, but today they didn't at all.  I was laughing when I put on my support socks this morning and saying things like, "You know your getting older when..." jokes.  I was hysterical!  The socks really do help, but for some reason my feet were very unhappy yesterday.

I slept a full 8 hours last night.  The hotel bed was comfortable, I think.   I don't think I moved much after I crawled into bed.  There were black out curtains that I pulled tight.  I love black out curtains.  When my alarm went off at 8am, I was sure it was a mistake.  I slept that hard and it was still that dark in the room.  :)  It's always so nice when I have a great hotel experience.    By the way - I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.

The car is totally unpacked, I've unpacked a few of my bags already, made myself some dinner, called my parents and left messages that I'm home, have reintroduced myself to the cat, kissed my husband and changed the sheets on the bed.  The house looks like it exploded with stuff, now that I'm home, but I have to say that my husband made sure that the laundry was done, the kitty litter cleaned out, dishes done, trash out and the place vacuumed before I got home.  He didn't change the sheets because he can never put the fitted sheet on correctly (insert laugh because whenever he says that I laugh!)

I hope you had a Happy Halloween and that you remembered to "Fall Back" tonight, as it's the end of Daylight Savings Time.  I'm headed for bed. 


Happy Halloween!

Image from

I'm heading back on the road - about 520 miles today.  I heard that the road I'm on right now (I-40) has a closure coming up due to a rock slide and there will be a detour.  I have no idea how that's all going to work out, but I'm sure everything will be just fine. I just hope it doesn't add too many extra miles or time to my trip.

Have a wonderful Halloween and watch out for all of the little kiddies in their cute costumes :)


Friday, October 30, 2009

600 miles

I left  a little late this morning.  I had packed my car yesterday before the Robin Williams show, then when I got home I was too pumped up to go to sleep.  Then I was too hot under all of my covers.  Then I just tossed and turned.  I finally got to sleep and must have slept like a rock because when my Dad called this morning at 9am he woke me up!  Sheesh, I was planning on leaving my 9!

I finally got my body out the door at 10am and by the time I got my audio book picked out at Cracker Barrel and on the road again, it was 10:30am.  I hate those late starts because it means that my second day will be a long day too.  I'd rather one long day and one short one...and that long day is preferably the first day!

On the map above, the "B" marker is where I am tonight - Sevierville, TN.  I wanted to get through Knoxville, TN tonight while it wasn't busy.  I'm now safely snuggled into my Holiday Inn Express room right next to the big Bass Pro Shop store next door.  Those places are a lot of fun, even for a non outdoors girl.  Depending on when it opens, I may pop in there for a gander while I'm here. 

Speaking of shopping, I wanted to stop at the IKEA in Cincinnati, OH today but the traffic was awful and I decided that I didn't want to take a chance on it being worse an hour or so I drove by waving godbye to it.  Hillary and I were going to go to IKEA while I was in Michigan but with Zora being ill and then Hillary getting ill, there just wasn't a time when everyone was well and I was able to go.

OK, so another day on the road.  I hope I'll get on the road by about 8am and be in Jacksonville by 6pm.  Thanks for all of the well wishes and phone calls.  It's been a real treat.  THANK YOU!!


POTD - Halloween

Halloween - by Kristin Corlett

I spotted this while on a walk with Alison and Stella in their neighborhood.  Looks like a fun display for all of those trick or treaters!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Alison and her daughter Scarlett

Saying goodbye to the family is usually so hard.  I'm usually in town for just a week so we've been running around like crazy trying to get in a dinner with Mom and one with Dad, working around Hillary's work schedule to get another night out doing something together, maybe seeing Jim at one of his gigs and by the end of the week we are all in need of a nap!

This time, since I was in town for such a long time, it was easier to schedule things and we were a lot more relaxed with seeing each other.  Sometimes I went a whole day without being at Alison's house!  Zora was sick for those 10 or 11 days, so I was on kid sitting duty for a few of those days.  I had a birthday and I visited with so many people that it almost makes my head spin.

I fell in love on this trip - that doesn't happen every time I come into town, but it sure did this time.  The little one that I'm so in love with is that bebe in the photo :)  Stella and I also had a pretty great thing going on, too.  She didn't want to have much to do with me when I first arrived, but being here for so long she just got used to me and allowed me to walk with her, play dolls with her, run around the house, watch her jump in the leaves and other assorted 18 month old things.   Zora and I had some really nice times and some rough times.  She's going through her teenage years a bit early I believe, but she is incredibly smart and can draw!  She's just like her momma that way.

I took a family photo of Alison & Jim and their three little ones, but I have already packed my cord to the camera, so I'll just have to post that another day. 

So I said goodbye to my sisters and my nieces.  I've packed the car already, just have a few things in the house that I need in the morning and I'm ready to hit the road.  The weather looks good, I'll get a book on disc in the morning from Cracker Barrel and I'll be cruising.  I'll be back in Florida before nightfall on Halloween :)

Bye Michigan!!

POTD - Pansies

Pansies - by Kristin Corlett

Pansies can still be seen blooming in and around Michigan.  They don't like the heat and I can guarantee that there isn't a whole lot of 90ยบ days in Michigan.  This flat of pansies was found at the Allen Neighborhood Farmers Market in Lansing, MI.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Playing in the leaves

Stella loves going on walks and on this lovely day she went around the block with her Mom and I.  Scarlett was fast asleep so we took the opportunity to spend some one on one time with the newly christened Middle Child.  I didn't realize it at the time, but balled up tightly in her fist were three pebbles. 

It's difficult to pick up a pile of leaves when there is only one hand available for scooping!

But we manage to get a pretty good action shot.

Her mother realizes that she is holding on to the pebbles for dear life and frees her hand.

Joy ensues.

Leaves are tossed with abandon!  Both hands!

I can dump the leaves on top of my head!  Oh wait, I missed.  That's OK I'll do it ten more times!

Let's hit the road, I'm ready for some juice.

Thanks for joining me in my final niece filled days.  Tomorrow we are going to the Peanut Shop! 
I'm also going out to breakfast with a friend, gathering all of my items strewn about my mother's home and packing the car, then going out to the MSU Auditorium for a Robin Williams event.  Some time in there I'm going to try to blog, take photos, cry a little, kiss my nieces for the last time for a few months, hug the kitties and hopefully have enough energy to get up on Friday morning and take off for the first leg of my trip to Florida. 

It's been a lot of fun spending a whole month here.  Thanks everyone for taking the time to get together.  It's meant so much to me.  Thanks to all of my blogging friends for not getting too upset that I've been scarce on your blogs. 

Have a grand day!

POTD - Nonconformists

Nonconformists - by Kristin Corlett

These mums are from the farm of a friend of mine, Joe.  He brought these to our class reunion as a part of the decorative elements we incorporated into the theme.  They were gorgeous and huge and had been rained on and were just lovely.   I have no idea why there are these two flowers that look so different, but I love them.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Guy

Remember a few months back when I talked about the guy in the above photo?  (here) OK, so it was nearly a year ago, so it's alright if you don't remember.  I was talking about Burger King and how I met this guy and we dated a few months and then I ended with a little sigh I'm sure because I have always wanted to see him again.  Just see him.  To know that he was OK, that he looked happy at least and well, I just really needed to see him one more time.  The last time I saw him was in 1988.  21 years ago. 

Since I had my 25th HS reunion earlier this month I've seen so many old friends and the memories just keep flooding back along with the memories of Pat.  The 4 months we had together have just been searing a hole in my brain.  I couldn't stop thinking about him.

I checked the internet again to see if I could find a phone number for him and nope, no phone.  I tried to figure out how to find a cell phone number, but that was pretty much useless because I wasn't going to pay for such information.  I checked his address once again and it said that he was still living in the same place where I last knew he was living.  I was going to see my friend Missy this evening (who is in the red sweatshirt with her back to us in the photo above) so when I arrived I said, will you come with me to Pat's house?  She said yes and an adventure began.

It took us about 30 minutes to drive to his house.  There were lights on and cars in the driveway.  No Beware of Dog signs or anything, so I was pretty sure I wasn't going to get eaten before anyone answered the door.  Missy stood back a ways while I knocked on the door and I kept thinking, "Woman or Man, Woman or Man."  I was wondering if I wanted the wife to answer the door or Pat to answer. Pat answered.  It took me a second to fully recognize him, but I did before he got the second door open.  He looked at me and I said his name and he said yes and held the door wide open and asked us to step in, but I wanted to make sure he knew who I was before I accepted, so I paused a moment and let him look at me again and said "I'm Kristin Corlett."

To say that a little look of shock came over his face is an understatement but to see his face light up in recognition of both the name and the mug standing before him was great.  I  introduced him to Missy, who he did not recognize immediately, but he did later when we started telling our stories of our double dates and other assorted mischief.

Pat's wife and children were in the house and they all came to say hello.   Pat's wife invited us to stay and chat, which was such a relief.  I told them right up front that I was just giddy to be there and so happy for the warm welcome.  We started in on the stories right away, just to break the ice and to help thaw out Pat's's only been 28 years since we dated :)  By the end of the evening Pat was telling stories about me that I hadn't remembered and had told the story of how we met.  I think of all the things, that was what was about the best...he remembered how we met and he remembered it the same way I had. 

We talked about the concerts we went to, my 16th birthday party, when we (all 4 of us) went Trick or Treating because Missy's little cousins were ill so we went for them, Pat picking me up in a Trans Am one day, going to the hospital the night his sister had a baby, and then some drinking stories that really shouldn't be shared online!  We packed a lot into those 4 months.

I can say this because it makes no difference to the day to day life that I lead, it won't change anything, but I have loved Pat since the very second I met him.  I have.  When I think of him I can only think of love.  It's pretty cool actually because for the past 28 years there has been a steady stream of good wishes and love being sent his way.  I'm betting that's why they let me in the door tonight :) 

When I left they told me to come back any time.  I nearly burst into tears.  He has a lovely family and they love him.  It's good to know it and to feel it.  Since I didn't know Pat at all (except for that brief meeting in 1988) after our little 4 month relationship he became the perfect mythic figure.  He was the best boyfriend, he went out of his way to do fun things with me, he took me places, he called me, he  was perfect, then we broke up and I obviously never got over him!  It turns out that he is real and not mythic, so that's great to know, too. 

So Pat, thank you.  Thank you to your wife, Sherry and your kids for letting Missy and I come into your home.  You folks have made my year -  I think I'll be smiling for a month.  If you ever want to come to Jacksonville, FL just let me know, I'd love to show you around.

Oh right!  before I forget here is the updated photo - Pat and Kristin 2009.  I told them that I was blogging about it and HAD to have a photo.

My Michigan adventure is coming to a close.  I leave on Friday morning.  Thanks everyone for the vacation of a lifetime. Who knew coming home could be so good.

Have a grand day!

POTD - Hot

HOT - by Kristin Corlett

This was a burn barrel that was being used at the Fire Department Open House in Lansing, MI.  The kids were able to use a fire extinguisher and put out the flames.  Each kid got their own barrel full of fire!  It was cool (or hot!)


Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Fragments

I'm so out to lunch the past few weeks that I haven't been able to blog my Friday Fragments. I've had a list of fragments on my computer or on the table next to me for over two weeks. Now that list is gone. Poof.  I can't find it anywhere.  I still have fragments in my head, so I'll see what I can come up with in the meantime.

I just worked on a theme based project for a group I belong to and the theme for this week is Gratitude. Funny how such a wonderful theme can stress me out as soon as I see the words, because I forgot to finish the task by this morning. I seriously need a personal assistant. They'd have to work for praise, though, as I've got no spare cash at the moment.


Zora went back to school today!!


When I was a kid in kindergarten I knew a boy named Danny Walker. He was my best friend :) In fact I saw him just a few weeks ago! Anyway, my family moved when I was in second grade just a few houses away from my new school. When the school bell rang at the end of the day an announcement was made that all walkers could leave, then those riding Bus 5, then Bus 11 and so on. I waited until every child left the room before I went home because my name was never called. Finally my teacher explained to me that the "walkers" were people like me that walked home and not just the name of a specific family.


My mom was using a neti-pot for the first time in a long time the other day and I was standing near her making sure she did it correctly :) When she was nearly finished I reached over to grab a Kleenex for her when she gave me the dirtiest look. Seriously. I couldn't imagine what the look was all about! When I handed her the Kleenex she took it and then laughed. She thought I was grabbing my camera to take a photo of her using the neti-pot. Isn't that funny!! I'm obsessed with blogging, but I do try to make sure not to embarrass anyone that I know and love :)


I went to an Estate Sale the other day. I found a whole armload of stuff that I just HAD to have. I went to the check out to pay for my lovely items and she told me it would be $8. I opened my wallet and I had $4. Nothing more, only $4. Who goes to an estate sale with only $4?? She told me that next time I came to one of their sales to bring the extra $4. I told her that I lived in Florida and it might be awhile. She just kept telling me that it was OK - it was the end of the day, the end of the sale and it was fine. So I got eight books and a folding ruler for $4. What a deal!! The books are purely for blogging, so you'll be seeing pages from them for the next year or more :)


I went to dinner with an old friend and his wife. I can't stop thinking about them. I had so much fun and I always enjoyed hanging around this guy that I just can't shake the smile. His wife is just a delight, too. She asked how long I was going to be in Michigan and I said "A month, but this is my last week." to my astonishment she said "...but I love you." Isn't that just the sweetest thing?!! 


My mother found a scrapbook that my grandmother (my Dad's mom) kept. It has all of these clippings in it from the newspapers about celebrities (like Amelia Earhart) and about her family. Turns out we have family named Isaac Newton Russell and Daniel Boone Doyle. Actually Daniel Boone named his son Daniel Boone as well. It's just to funny!


I'm helping my sister clean her house and unpack.  I've got a dinner to go to an hour from my home this evening and I'm totally running out of time.  Gotta run!

I'm grateful to have finished my blog post for today so I won't be worrying if I have enough time after I get back from dinner tonight :) 


POTD - Pumpkin Joe

Pumpkin Joe - by Kristin Corlett

One of my friends from high school was known as Pumkin Joe for as long as I can recall.  I'm sure he wasn't called that in kindergarten, but his family grew and sold pumpkins and I think of him every time I see pumpkins.  When I asked him if he had grown any pumpkins this year he said no! I was in shock.  Turns out he raised mums instead. I was planning on buying some of his pumpkins this year.  Anyway, I snapped a photo of these pumpkins when I visited Lansing Gardens. 

I think of Joe every time I see pumpkins.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

A very full Saturday

Here's the latest baby photo.  She is just something, I'll tell ya.  I didn't get a chance to hold her yesterday, as there were others in line ahead of me, but I'll hold her today.  I thnk each day Scarlett just ratchets up the cuteness factor.  If the sun would come out here in the land of clouds, I'd love to take some photos of this kid, like a professional photographer would.  Ahh well, we'll get some photos of her, natural light or not.

photo from the site - Oceania

Last night my sister, Hillary, my mother and I all went to the movie "Amelia" about Amelia Earhart.  I don't normally read newspaper articles, but this article in the L.A. Times was real good.  The movie is about the life of Amelia, from about the time we all got to know her - her first journey across the atlantic until her death.  We are introduced to Gore Vidal and George Putnam, who were an important part of Amelia's life, but we are also introduced to the airplanes she flew and the people she meets along the way.  It's a very interesting story and a lovely movie.  At times the movie was a bit confusing - I wasn't sure exactly what was being said in a conversation.  It was like there was an inside joke, but I didn't get it :)  That's pretty common with me haha  But mostly we learn what it was like to be a lady pilot and how much Amelia worked just to get enough money to fly.  This movie was great for an entire family - no bad language, no intimate scenes (just a few kisses) and no crazy cops and robbers type of chase scenens.  The reviews are mixed on this film, but I'd give it two thumbs up.  There is an incredibly interesting site, Oceania, where I got the photo above.  If you've got an hour or so to read about Amelia Earhart, go on over and take a look. 

After the movie the three of us went over to a little restaurant to have some snacks, a drink and talk about the movie and anything else that came up.  The Michigan State v Iowa game was on the TV in the bar area, where we were sitting, so unfortunately we saw the last half of that game.  Sitting in East Lansing, home of the the Spartans and watching them be ahead with 2 seconds left in the game is a hard spot to be in.   We know and love our Spartans, but we know our Spartans.  Iowa won the game in those last 2 seconds. 

So it was a fun day and a dissapointing football game, but the good certainly outweighed the sad :)

We have Zora again today.  She's still got a fever and she still can't go home.  Her other Nana has had her since Friday afternoon, which has been a delightful break from our sick child babysitting job, but she's coming back to us until she's well.  I cannot imagine what it's like for Zora though.  She isn't allowed to go home, she can't see her parents or her sisters or sleep in her own bed.  This has been going on since Friday morning October 15th.  10 days.  Poor kid.  Well we get her back today and hopefully she'll be at the end of this awful sickness. 

Well, I took more photos of those yellow trees - I just can't get enough.  So, here are some more pictures of the same park a few days later and after a ton of rain. (Previous photos here) The last photo of the mail truck, is directly across the street from the park.

Have a gorgeous day!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

POTD - Lunch

Lunch - by Kristin Corlett

The squirrels at my mom's house sit on these rocks and eat their acorns.   I think it's a hoot seeing all of the cracked acorns in one spot.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Ahhh Fall Colors in Michigan

I love Autumn.  The colors are just so striking that it makes things that you didn't normally take notice of before seem extraordinary.  This school, above, which sadly closed this year due to who knows what, is even more lovely because of this gorgeous tree.   I had never noticed how very well shaped that tree is, too.  

This red house is lovely all times of the year, but when I peeked at the house under the yellow and orange of the leaves, the house is greatly enhanced.

Moores River Park, where I took all but the first photo, is just teeming with yellow leaved trees.  The sun was shining this day and the yellow was positively glowing.  This little red tree was holding its own though.  Some day when I get photoshop, I'm going to enhance the color on this little red tree, because it popped a lot more from the background of yellow.

Looking up the hill from the river was this lovely sight.  Look at all of that beautiful color.  It's been raining heavily for the past two days so I'm sure that the ground is thick with leaves.  I'm so glad that I decided to just spend an hour and walk around and take photos this day because it doesn't look like this now.  Not even close.

This is my second favorite photo of the day.  I tell you, I'm in love with those yellow leaves.

This almost looks like a colorized black and white, but it's not. 

I wanted to go get some water and fill up that little well in the tree's trunk.  I'd title this photo something like "watering hole" or "water dish" or something like that. 

This is my very favorite photo of the whole day.  Heck, it could be my favorite of the year.  I love the way you can see all of the branches - they almost look like lightning bolts through a sky of yellow. 

You can click on any of the photos to get a larger view.  I made them all quite large so you could fill your screen with the Fall Colors of Michigan :)

Have a wonderful weekend.

POTD - Sun

Sun - by Kristin Corlett

This is a section of the Sun Theater sign in Williamston, MI.


Thursday, October 22, 2009


I'm the type of person that loves to think about doing fun things for other people, but I tend to talk myself out of it or just think about it too long until the event has passed and then the right time is gone. I have managed to get out a surprise or two in my day, but not nearly as many as I'd like.

Now the number of times that I've been surprised by the kindesses of friends and family and online friends has indeed been numerous.

This week was one of those weeks. It was my birthday on Sunday and since I was in Michigan with my family I just assumed that there would be no surprises. My husband sang to me (on my voice mail) and that was a total surprise, but he told me flat out "you're out of town, I didn't send you anything." Which incidentally is almost exactly what I told HIM last year when he was gone on his birthday! Monday was a busy day for me and I was out of the house in the morning, but when I came back there was a package on the table with my name on it. I was totally baffled as to who would send me a birthday gift. here. at my mother's house.

I looked at the return address finally and saw that it was a blogging friend, Ruth Ann at My Remodeled Nest. She sent me a gift! Actually, not a gift, a Package! My Mom said that she had contacted her a few weeks back when she realized I wouldn't be home on my birthday and asked for her address. I have no idea how Ruth Ann got my mother's email address, but I'm glad she did. My mom said that on Saturday she was really expecting the package and was all excited for it to show up and it didn't. On Monday though, the package arrived and it was almost more fun!

Here are all of the wonderful things that Ruth Ann put inside the package. (with the exception of a "K" note pad with this FABulous magnetic closure.   I was just looking at something like that a few days earlier and almost bought it! I got distracted by something and set down the notepad. Anyway, it's already in my purse :)

The "K" at the top of the photo is a little box, inside of which I was greeted with a purple peg doll painted by Ruth Ann, with a Nikon camera hanging around her neck.   There was a "K" book mark, that has a spot for a photo in it and two sets of note cards with "C" on it.   I love note cards.  LOVE THEM!  In the card she wrote that she couldn't decide which initial to choose, so she did both.  I have a hard time with that decision, too.  Usually the K's are sold out, so the decision is made for me. haha

Here is a close up of the peg doll - the purple peg doll - because purple is my favorite color. I don't wear much of it anymore, but I love it. Isn't she just the perfect shade of purple?   Can you see that on the strap of the camera it says Nikon?  Cool.  Very cool.

The rubberstamp, Ruth Ann said, reminded her of me. I think I say "What a Hoot!" at least three times a day, now that I think about it. I'm sure that I say it in comments on other people's blogs more often than I realize, too or say it on my blog quite a bit. Isn't that funny the things that we say that we have no idea is a part of our daily speech?

What a great surprise Ruth Ann!! Thanks so very much for the birthday presents, for thinking of me, for being such a good blogging friend (even without the gifts!) and for being the girl who thinks of a great way to surprise a friend and goes through with it!!! I loved it. All of it...the story of you contacting my mom, her waiting for the package to arrive, her keeping the secret, me being gone when the gift arrived, the contents, the card, everything.

Thank you Ruth Ann. Thank you so much. You made my day :)

AND -- because I have taken so many fall photos the past few days, I have to include a shot of the gorgeous yellow leaves and the dark brown trunks on a carpet of fallen leaves.

Have a Wonderful, Fabulous, Delightful Day!

POTD - Cabbage

Cabbage - by Kristin Corlett

This giant cabbage was a part of the hundreds waiting to be harvested from the fields of Lansing Gardens in Lansing, MI.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More baby photos!

Someone said the other day that they wondered how I blogged every day being that I had so many activities.  I'll tell you how I'm doing it these days, I'm not visiting any other blogs, I'm not commenting, I'm not even writing up a bunch of draft posts of ideas that I think about during the day to be a some day future blog post.  What I'm doing is taking pictures of my nieces and showing them in the hopes that a little baby and her adorable sisters will keep you coming back enough to wait for the return of the usual me in November.

What do you think?  Do you think that's just the sweetest little open mouth you've ever seen?

OK, OK, if you have your own kids or grandkids I can see how this might not be the sweetest in your world, but it could be the sweetest one you've seen today!

When I got over to Alison's house today her Nana Alfredson was taking both Stella and Zora for the day.  She was at the house when I arrived gathering up Stella and her belongings, then she was going to head over to my mother's house where we still had Zora.  Zora hadn't had a fever for over 24 hours so we were very confident that she could be sent back home -- but first she would be with her other Nana and give Alison a little more time to get settled in the house.

My sister Hillary, my Mom, my Dad and I all came over to help Alison by taking the baby from her.  :)   That little pumkin kept wanting to be fed, so Alison was able to wrestle her away from us when Scarlett wanted to be nursed.

Jim brought the girls back home around 6pm and Zora made a bee line to her mom.  They hadn't seen each other since Zora went to bed Thursday night.  I stayed long enough to take a few photos of the reunion and the introductions.

I like the darker one, but Stella moved.  Then I took one with the flash and Zora's eyes are shut.   Ahhh well, this is exactly what a family snapshot is all about.

Then Zora got out her child sized Boppy (some sort of U shaped thing that seems to be a very good investment as Alison has used hers for all three kids and loves it...I digress) and was able to introduce herself to Scarlett.

Five days was a really long time to not see Zora.  I love that I got this shot of them :)

After this photo I packed up my stuff and said goodbye.  It looked like a real great family time and I didn't want to interrupt it.  They needed to all reconnect and tell stories of the past week.  Zora had lots to tell and so did Mom!

I hope you enjoyed yet another round of baby baby baby talk.

Oh!  I came up with a name for all of my nieces.  I've been calling Zora and Stella,  Zella quite a bit, but with a new one added in, I needed a new name...from this desire zealot was born - but of course it'd have to be spelled Zellett to mean anything. 

So I'd like you to meet my sister and her kids - Zellett :)

POTD - The Hat

The Hat - by Kristin

This is one of the original Arby's hat signs at an Arby's in Lansing, MI.  There was an Arby's near one of the first places that I remember living with my parents, so I have a fondness for this sign.   I still have a weakness for a potato cake and a regular roast beef sandwich.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Old Friends

Kristin, Amy, Bobbi Jo, Robin
I never realize HOW short I was with this group.

I went out tonight with some old friends.  Not that any of us are old, mind you, but they have been friends of mine for a long time.  Amy lived across the street from me, growing up, and I found out this evening that her parents still live in that same house.  I think I'm going to go visit this week.

Anyway, back to my story.  Amy was friends with Robin and Bobbi Jo (although I really think she goes by Bobbi now) as they were all in the same grade. I was 2 years younger.   I hung out with Amy most of the time, but every so often Robin would come with us, or Amy would take me to Robin's house with her.  Bobbi didn't go to our school until the last year, but she'd known Robin for years before.  I forgot to get more information about that tonight.  I keep getting distracted in the telling of this story.

About 10 years ago I saw Robin in a store pushing a stroller with 2 year old twin girls when she and I saw each other.  She told me that that very evening she and Bobbi and Amy were meeting for dinner to celebrate Amy's birthday. So I went.   We had a lovely time, but Amy had just had her first child, Robin had three of her own, I lived out of town - we just didn't keep in touch.

A few months back Robin and I became friends on Facebook.  I tell her I'm coming to town, she puts together a gathering of the 4 of us, which turned out to be a gathering of about 12.  We didn't all know each other, but that didn't matter.  We talked for several hours, catching up, telling stories and talking about all of the people that we have lost in our lives.  There's a lot of young deaths in this group.  Sisters, Parents, Spouses.  Saddness I tell you, but we laughed most of the time tonight.  Last time we didn't take a photo, but this time I got it captured!

I love you girls.  You never forget the forever friends.

I bet you we'll be in touch a lot more this next 10 years.  I'm looking forward to it.

I hope you've had a spectacular day.  I met the baby for the first time today - look for photos tomorrow!!!!


POTD - Silo

Silo - by Kristin Corlett

This is a wonderful old barn and silo near I-96 and the Williamston exit. Williamston, MI.


Monday, October 19, 2009

The Crud

Taken on my walk with Zora around the neighborhood on Saturday.

I've got this giant long list of things I want to blog about, but I just can't seem to get any of it written.  I know I know I've talked of Zora and Stella and baby Scarlett nearly every day this week but that's what I've got on my mind.  So bear with me a few more days - I promise I won't turn into a kid blog.  I've just got some things on my mind and I've got to let it out.

Saturday around noon my Mom and I took Zora and Stella because their Dad had a gig in Indiana and since momma was still in the hospital...well, we were the babysitters.  Sunday morning Zora was cranky, tired, mad, irritable and then sound asleep on the couch.  Stella was so cranky that we put her down for two naps that day.  We finally got a thermometer and Zora had a temperature of 103.  Stella did not - I guess she was just cranky by association. 

My sister was due to come on Monday (today) but with Zora having a fever, she opted to stay in the hospital another day.  Jim picked up Stella on Sunday night and took her home, but we kept Zora since we didn't want Stella or Jim getting sick or "contaminating" the house where the baby would be arriving. 

Here we are, Monday night.  Zora was doing real well all day.  She had a little temp in the morning, but just barely over 100.  We kept her medicated, fed and watered and things were looking real good - then she crashed.  I took her temp - 102. Ugh. 

Zora in the leaves

I feel so sorry for Zora because she misses her Mom so much and now she's being kept away from her Dad and sister, too.  I want to see newbaby so bad I can hardly stand it, but am nervous because I've been taking care of Zora.  Alison has to come home tomorrow, but we aren't sure when we can let Zora go home.  What a mess.

It seems like everyone is sick with something - that's all I'm hearing lately.  I felt so protected iin Jacksonville because we just don't seem to catch the crud bugs that go around.  Now that I'm here in the middle of it, I'm nervous...not that I'm going to get it, but that Zora is not going to be able to go home for a week.  We'll just take it one day at a time.  One. Day.

Take care,

POTD - Orange

Orange - by Kristin Corlett

Gorgeous colors on this squash.  The ones we see in Florida are not this pretty nor this big usually.  There were found at the Allen Neighborhood Farmers Market in Lansing, MI.