Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More baby photos!

Someone said the other day that they wondered how I blogged every day being that I had so many activities.  I'll tell you how I'm doing it these days, I'm not visiting any other blogs, I'm not commenting, I'm not even writing up a bunch of draft posts of ideas that I think about during the day to be a some day future blog post.  What I'm doing is taking pictures of my nieces and showing them in the hopes that a little baby and her adorable sisters will keep you coming back enough to wait for the return of the usual me in November.

What do you think?  Do you think that's just the sweetest little open mouth you've ever seen?

OK, OK, if you have your own kids or grandkids I can see how this might not be the sweetest in your world, but it could be the sweetest one you've seen today!

When I got over to Alison's house today her Nana Alfredson was taking both Stella and Zora for the day.  She was at the house when I arrived gathering up Stella and her belongings, then she was going to head over to my mother's house where we still had Zora.  Zora hadn't had a fever for over 24 hours so we were very confident that she could be sent back home -- but first she would be with her other Nana and give Alison a little more time to get settled in the house.

My sister Hillary, my Mom, my Dad and I all came over to help Alison by taking the baby from her.  :)   That little pumkin kept wanting to be fed, so Alison was able to wrestle her away from us when Scarlett wanted to be nursed.

Jim brought the girls back home around 6pm and Zora made a bee line to her mom.  They hadn't seen each other since Zora went to bed Thursday night.  I stayed long enough to take a few photos of the reunion and the introductions.

I like the darker one, but Stella moved.  Then I took one with the flash and Zora's eyes are shut.   Ahhh well, this is exactly what a family snapshot is all about.

Then Zora got out her child sized Boppy (some sort of U shaped thing that seems to be a very good investment as Alison has used hers for all three kids and loves it...I digress) and was able to introduce herself to Scarlett.

Five days was a really long time to not see Zora.  I love that I got this shot of them :)

After this photo I packed up my stuff and said goodbye.  It looked like a real great family time and I didn't want to interrupt it.  They needed to all reconnect and tell stories of the past week.  Zora had lots to tell and so did Mom!

I hope you enjoyed yet another round of baby baby baby talk.

Oh!  I came up with a name for all of my nieces.  I've been calling Zora and Stella,  Zella quite a bit, but with a new one added in, I needed a new name...from this desire zealot was born - but of course it'd have to be spelled Zellett to mean anything. 

So I'd like you to meet my sister and her kids - Zellett :)


Keetha Broyles said...

I was already thinking that was the sweetest little open mouth I'd ever seen before you subtly suggested it.

Such fun pictures of your family with the newest addition.

Julie Stiles Mills said...

What a beautiful time together. All of it - the stuff life is made of.

jennifer said...

Your photos capture the sweetness of the moment. One day those will mean so much to your nieces.

Just Breathe said...

The pictures are precious. It doesn't get any better then that!

Kirby3131 said...

Keetha - Oh good :) I knew it was a keeper LOL

Julie - Oh, I'm so glad you came over to visit! It is a beautiful time together...even if it's only a second :)

Jennifer - My sister loved the photos, so it'll mean a lot to the little ones later, but Alison is touched now -- so that's great, too!

Just Breathe - Thanks. I'm loving all of this family time.