Friday, October 02, 2009

Friday Fragments

Mrs. 4444, from Half-Past Kissing Time, hosts Friday Fragments each week. It's a great excuse to get all those little snippets that gather in the brain and don't seem enough for one post but together they can make one fun blog post! 



First off, I have to say once again that I'm leaving (hopefully in less than 12 hours from right now) and all I can think about is what do I want to write for Friday Fragments!  I need to crack the whip and get the things I want to take with me gathered and yet, here I sit...watching Project Runway on the DVR and blogging lol  It's worth it, isn't it?!!


Speaking of Project Runway.  I went over to the Project Runway post at Gratz Industries and just had a blast reading everything. The best part though was when he matched the contestants with a celebrity.  He was right on with so many of them and it was hoot!  If you like the show, you have to take a look.


I remembered an event that happened to me when I was about 18 or 19 years old.  It was so ridiculous that I just have to share.   My boyfriend and this guy, Jeff, worked together so he came over several times a week to hang out. On this particular evening we were all three sitting on the one piece of furniture that I had.  I was sitting in the middle of the couch with the two guys on either side.  The news was on and it was time for their daily "Crime Stoppers" segment.   It's where they show a mug shot and talk about a local criminal and hope that the viewing audience can help them find the idiot in question.  The picture that came up was of the guy sitting on my couch.   "If you have seen this man, please call crime stoppers at  xxx-xxxx."  I just remember looking at him with my mouth wide open as he tore out the door. I had to laugh.  I mean, how many times do you see the mug shot of the person sitting next to you on the couch.  I was totally shocked.  He wrote bad checks or stole checks or something non violent, but something stupid nonetheless.   I didn't turn him in, I had no idea where he lived, how to find him or anything, but the boys employer turned him in that night.  Seriously, what an idiot. 

Just an aside - He was arrested, paid the fine or whatever he had to do, but he never came back to my place to hang out.  Ever.


 I got my rental condos all rented.  I may have mentioned it last week, but nothing is official until the people move in.  The past two months I paid the mortages, the utilities and the association fees out of my pocket.  To say it was a drain on my finances is an understatement.  I was unsure if I was going to be able to go on my month long trip if I didn't get those places rented.  I was doing dances, visualization, prayers and anything else I could think of to get it out into the universe that I wanted them full before I left town.  Something worked because I got all of them rented.  One moved in on Monday, the other around 9pm Wednesday night and the final one Thursday at noon.  Thank You!! Whew!


One of the items that I hauling to Michigan are three of my husband's winter coats.  They are wool dress coats.  One even has a fur color. (faux fur)   This really isn't the type of thing that people buy here in Florida, so since I'm heading North, I might as well drop these off.


My computer desk area (where I don't use the computer if at all possible) is piled so high with stuff that I'm going to have to clear it off before I leave.  I found a bill in the pile today that didn't get paid.  I must have thought it was for one of the rentals, but nope, it was for our place.  It was only the cable and internet.  I'm sure my husband wouldn't mind losing those two things.  The bill for next month arrived today in the mail.  I suggested that he pay it pretty soon so he doesn't start getting turn off notices.


Thanks for stopping by for my fragments.  If I lost any along the way just pick them up and toss them in the trash when you leave :)  If you'd like to read more Friday Fragments, please stop by Mrs. 4444's place.  The people who participate are a lot of fun.

Thank you and have a great day!


Anonymous said...

I remember the Lansing area Crime Stoppers. That's a funny story.

Sara Bonds @ Ordinary and Awesome said...

I can relate with the desk issue. I have so much going on. I have a stack of mail, bills, products to review, design books, etc. It's a royal mess, and I am affraid of missing a bill like you did. I need to clean it up this weekend!

Happy FF!

Mel Fraase said...

Still glad you got all those condos rented, I'm sure it's a load off your mind!
The Crime Stoppers story is funny! Probably a good thing, you never know if some checks of yours may have turned up missing sooner or later. My cousin's boyfriend stole a bunch of cash from our apartment once and he was never even on crime stoppers!
Have a good trip!!

brainella said...

Gee, I wonder if my desk looks anything like yours. Same story, different desk. :-)

Have a great trip!

Kirby3131 said...

I did something really awful. I took all of the papers off my desk and put them in a box and set it on the floor next to the desk LOL At least the desk is cleared off so my husband can use it, if he needs to.

Thanks everyone :)

jennifer said...

Yay for tennants! I am so glad you rented your spaces before you left.

Project Runway is my FAVORITE show. I let my girls stay up late on Thursdays to watch it with me. I will definitely be clicking the link in your post.

Funny story!

jennifer said...

Oh shoot. You were SO right about that article! Whoopi Goldberg! LOLOLOLOL!

You always find the coolest things.

Mrs4444 said...

Wow-That's a funny story!

I still can't get over your excellent news on the renters. I've been manifesting money in my checking account all week (it's working) and even a new job for my husband. I feel very confident that things are going to be looking up soon :) Enjoy your trip--you deserve it!!

Unknown Mami said...

The story of sitting next to the mug shot guy is crazy.

I am so happy the condo situation worked out.