Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Missing you

A cool window in Portland, ME, that I took with my phone.

I miss blogging.
I miss taking photos all the time.
I miss my blogging friends!

I am doing a lot of new creative things.
I am doing more with the transplant community.
I am attending auctions and having a ball.
I am staying home more.

The break has been needed.
I can feel it in my bones the relief of not making myself take a photo
a day or create a blog post each day.
I loved doing it, but I didn't realize the stress I heaped on myself
until it was gone.

I cannot deny that I miss you all.
I love writing and photographing things for you as well as for myself.

The break has been long and it will be longer still, but I find
myself wanting to come back.
Wanting to take photos.
It's a good feeling.
But I'm not there yet.

This is just a note to say that I'm doing well.  I love painting furniture, am enjoying buying for my antique booths and just as happy to see stuff sell.  I am no longer feeling sad and depressed.  I found my happy place!

See you around!