Saturday, February 06, 2016

Please Release Me, Let Me Go

I Intended to be further along.
I was just sure by this time that I would have a mountain of stuff shoveled out of the house and distributed to donation bins, recycling bins and trash bins. I was sure I'd have pounds of furniture sold to the next buyer or hauled off to charity.  I was nearly positive that my clothes would all be in the closet by now and not piled up on the floor at the end of my bed.  I have been on the right track for RELEASE, my word of the year, but my hip pain has seriously derailed me.

I have sorted and tossed (recycled or trash) - that's a good activity for sitting.  I have listed and sold a few items online.  I made a huge dent in the kitchen clutter a week or so ago.  THAT felt real good!  I have also slept and sighed.  I've moaned and carried on that I was too fragile to move out of my spot.  I have made a list of the 100+ things I want to accomplish as soon as I get my next cortisone shot in my hip.  If I've only got a few weeks of comfort, I'm not going to waste them.  I hope to find out when I can get this hip replaced and not be so dependent on the cortisone shots.

Here I am getting anxious again.  It'll come, it'll come.

My friend Bob (my BFF Jennifer, who I call Bob) also took on Release as her word of the year but she's been doing a totally different kind of release and it's so cool!  She's been releasing fears, doubts, insecurities, joy, love, etc.  She's been posting a small paragraph each evening of what she's releasing and why.  It's brilliant!

I love her entry for 7 Jan 2016
Amazing things are happening in 2016. Maybe it is in the stars, maybe it is what I am willing to release, but it has been amazing and it is only the 7th day of the year! Today, I release joy, simple joy, into the universe. Thank you for all the lessons, life, thanks for all the joy. Be joyous. 7/365
 She's a school teacher and I often wish I could be a student in her class.  The imagination, excitement and wonder that she has is totally infectious and her classes are always full.  I love it when her former students tag her on Facebook because they always say how much they miss her and love her.  I've known her as my goofy, silly, giggling best friend, but I'd love to see her in the place where she shines the brightest to those that can't wait to be in her presence.  All of the Releasing she is doing this year is going to free her so much she just might fly into class in the fall!

I have a pretty good idea that February is going to be a very productive month for me and for Bob.  If you're the sort to do such things, send out some productive vibes our way!

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Have a wonderful day!