Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Libra balancing act

The past couple of months I have really been noticing my astrological sign in my words, deeds and actions.  I'm a Libra.  I'd say 75% Libra and 25% Sagittarius, my moon sign.   I am ruled by indecision and pleasure.  I'm happy as can be, smile at nearly everything and fall in love with anything from kittens to chandeliers.  I can't sleep because my mind is going 10 times the speed of light and when I do finally get tired I can fall asleep in a matter of seconds.  I can work on something for days straight and sleep the same number of days when the project is completed.  I used to curse my sun sign when I was a kid because my heart was always getting crushed.  It's taken years but I have come to love my sign and me, too!

Here's just a little bit about me as it relates to the balancing act that is Libra.


If you were to ask me on the spur of the moment to pick which restaurant to have dinner that night, you have basically asked me to have a mini meltdown right on your doorstep.  I'd have to consider your feelings, who is driving, how much gas is in the gas tank, what I've had for dinner the past week, what you've had for dinner, etc.  My usual response is "Food.  I'd like food, please."  If you then pick a place I don't like, I will speak up and ask you to choose another, but I am not likely to decide.

My poor Libra scales have to balance everything with as much impartiality as possible and it becomes exhausting for some of the tiniest things.  I am truly amazed I get anything done.  The funny thing is that if I am asked to make a decision based on what we should do with the support group folks - I can answer in a New York Minute.  I know what they need and what would be best for them.  I've already hashed that out in my head a million times, so that's easy.  Just don't ask me where to take them for lunch!  (Actually we solved the lunch problem - we made a list of about 30 places and we are now just going in order, right down the list.  Whew!)

I am forever interested in how things work, how people think, what folks are thinking about right now, what could make that person's day or if what I just said was as acidic to the listener as it sounded when it came out?  I certainly didn't mean that, it just flew out of my mouth.  I want to know about relationships, how people met, their personal story, how it could possibly relate to mine (I like talking about me) and what funny stories they have.  I love to laugh.  I want as much information on any given subject so that I can put it into my rolodex of pros and cons the next time I need it.

Libra's are master manipulators.  I know I am.  I hadn't really thought about it much until it was pointed out to me recently and then examples of it just kept coming up.  Manipulation isn't always a bad thing, honest! When people ask me what I do in our transplant support group I say that I am a soother.  I can calm down even the most heated discussions and handle nearly any patient or caregiver meltdown.  A joke or a laugh is usually the easiest, but if not, then I carefully redirect the energy of the room to something less explosive.  Sometimes the redirecting is so easy it even amazes me!  I smile, I hug, I laugh and I can actually listen, despite how much I love to talk.  I give everyone my very carefully balanced advice and my phone number to call any time.  Soothing the hearts and minds of the transplant community is what I was born to do, it seems.

A friend of mine is on dialysis three times a week and I usually take him and pick him a majority of the time.  He takes a backpack with him that's not very heavy, but after 4 hours of dialysis he's totally wiped out and even that backpack is not as easy to carry.  The first couple of weeks I'd ask if I could take the backpack for him.  He always said no no, he had it.  Then I started packing up his backpack when he had a few minutes left on the machine and taking it with me to the other room while they got him disconnected.  When he came out, I just never gave it back to him until we got to the car.  Clearly, I manipulated the entire situation so that I could assist him without him having to give up his power.

They say that Libras love to have fabulous clothes, great smelling lotions, perfumes and potions.  Unfortunately that's one part of the Libra that I do not have.  I'm allergic to anything with a scent, so if the air is perfumed around me, it's someone else!  The fabulous, well tailored clothes also go to some other incredible person as I am a dresser of comfort.  Yoga pants and a pullover shirt is my daily uniform, although the summers are so hot here in FL that I do have to resort to shorts and capri pants during the very hottest days.  I do have a lovely home that when cleaned up is a lot of fun to see and be in.  Maybe that's where the fabulous dressing comes in.  I just need a maid.

I love to be loved.
I sure do.
I also need to hear it.
A lot.

When I first started going to the Liver Transplant Support Group I knew I had finally found my home.  I could give as much love as I wanted and I was given more than enough in return.  Who knew that a life threatening illness like my husband's liver disease could connect me with my heart's desire.

My Libra scales will never stay balanced for too long but I will always be closer to center with my friends by my side.

Happy Thanksgiving.