Friday, July 31, 2009

July 2009 Links

Here are all of my blog posts from July 2009

Positive Day

It's Positive Day!!

A few weeks ago my blogging friend, Jen from Dust Bunny Hostage, talked about something that her daughter wanted to start when she became president in 2032. It was a day where people reflected on the good in their lives, called Positive Day. She talks about it more in depth here, on her original post....Positive Day.

Today however, there are going to be LOTS of other people joining in the Positive Day festivities, so be sure and go to Dust Bunny Hostage to see the other participants and join in, if you'd like and make today your Positive Day as well!

ºººººIn the transplant community where I tend to spend most of my time outside of the house, we've had a lot of great news. We've had two of our friends receive transplants the past two weeks. We also got the news yesterday that one of our support group friends was finally put on the transplant list after an exhaustive evaluation period. It fills my heart with so much gratitiude to be a part of this community.

ºººººI received a beautiful gift in the mail yesterday that POSITIVELY made my day. It was from a blogging friend of mine, Leigh - Tales from Bloggeritaville, who I've never met in person, but who never fails to bring a smile to my face. Now she's sent me gifts in the mail. Thanks Leigh!! :)

ºººººI'm watching the movie Mamma Mia at this very moment and the ABBA songs are filling my mind with lovely thoughts and fun tunes. I love listening and dancing goofy Kristin dances to ABBA. Oh, they're singing Dancing Queen...see that girl, watch that scene, diggin' the dancing queen.

ºººººIt makes me so happy that my cat, Mocha, loves to be near me. She would prefer to be curled up next to me more than anywhere else.

ºººººI have the best family. I truly do. I love them all so much.

ºººººOne of the most positive things that has happened to me in the past two years has been to find the world of blogging and those in it.

ºººººI am so very grateful for my health, happiness, love, and forgiveness.

ºººººMy 25th High School reunion is coming up and I'm so very grateful to have such a fabulous group to work with on it.

I hope to add more things to this list in the later morning hours. (BELOW)
Have a Fabulous Day!!

Since so many of you have commented on the transplant portion of this post, I'll elaborate real quick. My husband had a liver transplant Dec 23, 2005. We were so blessed to have been directed to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL just a month or so after finding out he had a liver problem and within one year from diagnosis he was transplanted. We moved from Daytona Beach to Jacksonville to be closer to Mayo and in doing so we became involved with the support group and the transplant community.

I have just finished a fabulous breakfast of yogurt, Kashi and walnuts. YUM! It's what I have every morning.

I found some fun free printables - they are positively funny & fun & useful!! :) From How About Orange you can download a grocery list, a to do list or a blog topics list.

Kind Over Matter always has great positive thoughts, things and photos - but the latest free printable is for affirmation cards. Go take a look!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


I've babbled on and on 700 times on this blog. 700.

I've talked about television, calendars, my husband, things I love, my cat, Wreck this Journal, photography, Michigan, my friends in the liver transplant group, free printables on the web, Ireland, my nieces, and goodness, so many other things.

After 700 blog posts, I'm still as focused as ever to continue blogging. I've written one post a day for over a year. I still can hardly believe that I've actually done that.

I've joined a few swaps (I'm in one right now -- Hi Liz!!) and I've met a few billion bloggers (that's a bit of an exaggeration, it's a few million) and I am still mourning that fact that I didn't realize BlogHer was just two days after my vacation. I'll be ready for it next year!

I want to thank each and every one of you that stop by my blog.

I never in my wildest dreams would have realized that I would LOVE blogging as much as I do.

The best side benefit of blogging??

Meeting so many other bloggers that I now consider to be some of my dearest friends.

Thanks for everything!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just one thing

Sometimes I'd really like to have this pad of paper because sometimes I feel like I can't get one thing done.

I got a lot done today, but I don't think I got any ONE thing done all the way.

I went to the grocery store and forgot to buy the thing I went there to get.

I went to my rental condo, took the lightbulb to replace the one that was burnt out and forgot to bring the ladder.

I swept the kitchen floor, but what I really needed to do was mop the darned thing - but I took the mop to the rental condo and left it there.

I mailed something at the post office today and a few minutes later I got a call and someone needed something mailed to them. I'll have to do that tomorrow.

I was driving right by the kitty food/kitty litter store today - I even looked at the sign...totally forgetting that we were out of kitty litter.

Maybe a list of ONE THING might be helpful.

Maybe just having a list would help.

Have a fabulous day!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wild Goose Inn

Ooooh, I saw a really great place. It's called the Wild Goose Inn in downtown East Lansing. My Mother stayed here last Christmas when her house was in such disarray due to her kitchen remodel. When we were eating at the Peanut Barrel the other day, she showed me the place and I asked if I'd like to take a look around. I think my mother wanted to just show me the front room - but I asked to see some rooms. The innkeeper gave us quite a tour and I'm seriously thinking about spending a few days here when I come in October.

You can see the habitrail in the background. :) I didn't even notice that until now.

This is the bathroom sink in the Great Lakes Room. The colors in this room are what I call Michigan colors. They are dark and rich and colors of autumn and earth. I tend to paint my homes in these colors (and in Florida they aren't nearly as popular) but it's what makes me happy. I'm usually not fond of the sink on top of the cabinet, but I did like the look of this sink. The tiles in the house were fantastic! I hope you can see them in a few of the 360º virtual tours. Here's the Great Lakes room - HERE.

The portholes in the GL room were from real ships. They were fabulous! Not to mention, they let in so much light. Most of the rooms, if not all, are connected to an outdoor space. Some are just a tiny little space, just enough to sit on a built in bench. Others have a giant patio with a table and umbrella.

There is a link to the 360º virtual tour of this room. If you'd like to see it - click here. This room was inspired by the book "Where The Wild Things Are." I wouldn't have guess it immediately, but once I got into the room...I could see it.

I was just amazed at that ceiling. They leaves were individually made from a joint compound/plaster type substance (I have forgotten what he told me) and then placed on the walls and ceiling. The veins were carved into each leaf before it dried. It was quite a spectacular room.

Some of the rooms were done years ago and others have just recently been finished. The older rooms are a little less ornate, but all of the rooms were quite lovely. I can see why my mom decided to stay here for a few days last year.

This is the side of the house that butts up next to a parking lot...where just a few steps away is the neighborhood entrance to the Peanut Barrel. (that I mentioned a few days ago, here) Isn't that just a gorgeous view?!

If you are ever going through East Lansing, MI - maybe dropping off a kid for college at Michigan State University - or visiting friends, consider staying at the Wild Goose Inn. I think you'll love it.

I hope you have a fantastic day!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pointless Drama

This is something that I've been working on for the past few years....actually, now that I think about it, it's been about 7 years.

I can say without a doubt that there was one family in my life that every single time I spoke with one of them I was immediately sucked into a bad place. I was so sad by whatever was said. Nothing was good. I was miserable for hours after speaking to any member of that family. I didn't hate them, didn't even dislike them, but I allowed their drama to consume me.

My husband and I moved and I took that opportunity to brake all bonds. It was hard, but I did it. I stopped answering the emails being sent, I stopped answering the phone calls from them, I just shut them out. My husband still spoke to them when needed, but I didn't. He didn't seem to be as affected by them.

I could feel my heart mending. I could feel my joy returning from that one decision.

People come into your life for a reason I believe...some are there for a long time and some for just a split second. I have been blessed with knowing so many wonderful people who have taught me so many lessons.

This particular family taught me one of my hardest lessons.

Let Go. Move On.

Have you looked at your circle of friends? the blogs that you read? the job you have? Do they make you happy? do you get to laugh? do you enjoy your work? Sometimes changing just one thing makes your whole life different! Something thinking differently changes your outlook.

I bring joy into my life each day!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Before this whole blog thing that I've been doing, it really never occurred to me to photograph the buildings and signs of my favorite places. Some business signs aren't even my favorite places to shop but I love the signs nonetheless. I noticed as I was driving through East Lansing, Lansing and Grand Ledge (all in Michigan) last week, that I wanted documentation of everything. I wanted to have that sign in my photographic possession before it got taken down, remodeled or went out of business.

I went to my old high school and it has been remodeled, added on to and renovated so extensively that I couldn't even find a portion of the building that held my memories.

I didn't take too many pictures of those signs because I was always on my way to somewhere else, but I got a few. I'll get more on the next trip.

This is El Azteco at the corner of MLK Blvd (which I will forever call Logan Ave) and Saginaw Hwy. I worked here for three whole days. I actually liked it, but the owner and I had a difference of opinion and I quit. I continued to eat there though. They have the best mexican food. Actually, there is this salad called a Topopo (ta-poh-poh) that is to die for... my friend Bob used to work there. I'll have her give me the recipe and edit this post to add it in. hint hint Bob. :)

 EDITED - Topopo Salad post

I had a Topopo while I was in town. We had it To Go, so it wasn't as grand, but it was great.

Look at that sign though - it's a disaster. It's falling apart, peeling and has lost so many of its bright lights, but it's perfect. The newer location in East Lansing has a totally different sign, different lettering and is crazy colorful. I love this sign in its simplicity. Black, White and Broke all over :)

Curious Books is a used bookstore on Grand River Ave, right across the street from the campus of Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI. I actually can't go into this store because I start sniffling and sneezing just about the moment I step through the door...but I've been in there once and I will never forget loving it. The sign always makes me smile and I hope it stays around for a long long time.

Ahhh, the The Peanut Barrel. I went to the PB with my friend Steve several times. We used to sit at a table with a pitcher of beer between us and talk and laugh and catch up. We would eat peanuts and sweep the shells on the floor.

I went to lunch at the The Peanut Barrel with a girl I'd just met a few hours earlier - and we became fast friends within minutes! (It's another Bob story -- I have hundreds)

I had several fun evenings with coworkers from our coffeehouse, The Goat, on the patio of the Peanut Barrel and I've spent many wonderful afternoons also on the patio with family and friends during the nice summer days.

I always liked the neighborhood entrance sign. Ever since the alley got a makeover, it's much more pleasant to enter this way.

Have you ever seen something like this? It's an extreme case, granted, but this is a habitrail. A colorful, modular playplace for mice or hamsters.

In East Lansing, MI a new parking structure was built in the 80's or maybe the early 90's, I can't find the correct time period right now - anyway the city of East Lansing asked for a unique design for a parking structure that was festive and did not use brick. What was approved and built was something that looked like the fun little habitrail above.

Personally, I LOVE the habitrail. I love the name, too.

It's so interesting to look at from all perspectives.

It brings a splash of color above the one and two story buildings that surround it and I always smile when I see the "festive" colors of the parking ramp that looks like a habitrail.

I hope to document to many other meaningful, to me, landmarks of my home town. I may even start documenting more in my current town.

Have a fabulous week!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Have you ever thought of your identity?

When your name is said wrong or misspelled doesn't it just bug you?

My name is spelled wrong and mispronounced all the time although I'm pretty much used to it. I get called Christian, Kristine, or Kirstin. My last name is a totally different thing though -- Unless someone knows me, they put the emphasis on the wrong syllable when saying Corlett. I pronounce it like Corvette, with the emphasis on the first syllable.


On Thursday I had an appointment with a dermatologist, one that I'd never been to before. So when I gave my name at the front desk I was quite surprised when they didn't have any record of me or my appointment.

I gave my name.

I gave my birthdate.

I spelled my name.


They couldn't find me.

I thought I was losing my mind.

Finally someone said - Do you know a Kristin Legg?

I told them that my husband's last name was Legg, but that I didn't take his name. I'd never used that name and neither had anyone else. They told me that my insurance company gave them that name and that I had to use that name in all of my documentation with them. I argued strongly that Kristin Legg didn't exist. She didn't share my birthdate, my SS number, my address, nothing. That was not MY identity. I knew who I was and that wasn't it.

I filled out their paperwork, but not as Kristin Legg.

I signed everything Kristin Corlett.

I received a few prescriptions all made out to Kristin Legg. I told them to be sure to have new scripts ready for me the next day in my real name, because the insurance company wouldn't honor the ones made out to Kristin Legg.

Imagine my surprise when I was right!! They have no record of Kristin Legg.

So back to the dermatology place.

They had to redo my chart with my real name.

They had to give me new scripts.

They didn't have to redo my paperwork because I know my own name.

Goodness, what a hassle. Good thing I don't have an identity crisis.

Hope you have a spectacular weekend!

Kristin Corlett - the original since 1966

Friday, July 24, 2009

Wreck This Journal Week 8

The past two weeks have been a lot of fun for my dear journal, but the past week in particular was so much fun for my niece! She and I spent a lot of time going through all of the pages and talking about them. When I got to "Chew This Page" I thought she was going to bite my hand off! Instead she took a rather large chunk out of the side of the page. Now that's enthusiasm!

Last week I mentioned that I sent my journal through the United States Postal Service approx. 1200 miles from my home in Jacksonville, FL to my Mother's home in Michigan. I arrived on Wednesday and the journal arrived on Thursday. It looked like it had never been touched. Not a speck of dirt. If you'd like to read the story of trying to get it sent, you can find that story here.

While at my Mother's home I decided to "compost this page" in her compost bin. I don't have one in my condo at home, so this was a nice alternative.

I sent off one of my favorite pages to Dawn. She said on her blog that she had a few favorites she wanted to send, so I raised my hand and we exchanged favorites.

I was thrilled to see that she sent the fruit sticker page - it was filled to the brim with stickers!! There were a lot of stickers I had never seen before and since we've had this directive (to collect fruit stickers) I seem to have a vast knowledge of the fruit and veggie stickers in my local store.

The envelope she sent was FABULOUS! It was interactive and inventive and wonderful. She also enclosed a Fortune Teller Fish. Have you ever seen one of them. Gosh, I haven't since I was a kid. Here's an online picture of the fish. I couldn't get a good picture of it. My fish moved it's head and tail at the same time, so it claims that I'm in love - awwwww.

Thanks so much Dawn!! It was a pleasure!!

I live on the top floor of a 5 story condo and there isn't a good way to throw anything out the windows because everything is screened within an inch of it's life. So when I got to my sisters home in Michigan I realized she had a 2nd story and it would be perfect to toss the journal. Zora was more than happy to help in that department.

Here's Zora flinging to journal out the window! Do you see the book? I'm so excited - I got an action shot!

A few minutes later, we tied a string to the journal and we all went for a walk around the block.

Here's the journal after the walk. It's not nearly as damaged as I assumed it would be...but still totally wrecked :)

at the end of the trip, we decided to swing the journal wildly and hit the walls -- or utility poles :) We had an injury in this event though - the string burned Zora's finger from the flinging friction. We had to stop and get a band aid. Life is all better now. This is the journal post flinging.

Since I've only got one more week with The Next Chapter Group and this journal, I thought I'd better show you as much of the finished pages as possible. I can hardly believe it's been two months that I've been wrecking and playing. How fun.

Mocha once again helping - the instructions were...crumple this page. So I did. She got excited and batted that page around the house for a very long time. She even scared herself silly and ended up with a giant fluffed up tail and wild eyes. Cats are so much fun.

I didn't get to anyone's blog last week, that participated in WTJ - I plan to see everyone this week though. I'm excited to catch up and see all of the fun things everyone has done. If you'd like to see more journal wrecking, please head on over to Jamie's place and The Next Chapter group.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our Butterfly

On Sunday we loaded up the car with Zora, Stella and my Mom in the back seat and Alison and I up front and drove over an hour to an art fair. I wish I could say I enjoyed the felt more like a home show outdoors and not very art fairsy. I was bummed that we went all that way for something not worth the effort, but we did find a very small section of the fair with artwork produced by local and regional artists. One of the things available in that section of the fair was children's face painting.

Zora was thrilled that she was able to get one of the fanciful creations on her face. I was thrilled to be able to watch this artist create a butterfly in just a few minutes.

We took the before photo first (which is always best when getting a BEFORE shot)

Zora didn't move once this very nice man, whose name I totally forgot to write down, put his hand on top of her head. I kept wanting to ask him if he was using some sort of acupressure technique to keep Zora so still. It was truly amazing.

I had to laugh at her crossed legs. So adult :)

One of the other amazing things was this sponge. The artist loads up the sponge with the colors he needs - in this case it's just the red and orange to get the eye done real quick. Then he goes back and loads up all of the colors with the brightly covered makeup and puts in all of the butterfly colors at once. It took seconds.

Then he jumps in with a paintbrush full of a thick black eye liner type liquid and fills in the outlines of the butterfly.

Zora was so still I almost thought she was asleep! So far Zora had been sitting still for about 5 minutes. This guy was So Fast!

He put a little glitter on her cheeks and put a glitter lipstick on her bottom lip. She loved it. I loved it too. By the end of the day, I'd almost forgotten that she wasn't born with a big colorful butterfly on her face :)

All this enjoyment for $5.

A few moments after the face painting, we met this copper man. Zora wanted a photo op with him. Doesn't he look real? I gave him a dollar.

We may not have enjoyed the fair, but we did enjoy the day together. Sometimes it's the little things :)
Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Through the garden

Yesterday I posted a lovely picture of a geranium. It was supposed to be a part of a bigger post about my mother's garden...which is coming up right now.

This is an antique ashtray that has been in my mother's home for years now, but had been moved to the basement, sort of just hanging out in the keep pile. We all liked it, but it just wasn't finding the right place inside the house. Now, it's a wonderful decorative piece outside and is making a great birdbath.

Here's the pond area. It's lovely. The fish stay in the pond year round (I know, I didn't take a picture of the fish - you'll have to use your imagination. They're there.) Zora loves to play in the pond, the cats love to walk on the stones and I've even seen the raccoons try to do a little fishing. I don't like the sound of running water, but this pond's waterfall is very quiet and I actually enjoy having it there.

The swing. My Mom loves to swing and I sometimes wonder if this isn't her favorite place in the yard.
I've never been a huge fan of daisies, but these are quite nice. The ones I've grown have never really done well, so I think that affected my relationship with such a friendly flower.

The clothes line in mom's backyard usually don't hold clothing. They hold dishtowels. She decided a few years ago that she liked bright colors hanging on the line, so she decided to hang dishtowels. I'm totally in love with dishtowels, so you know I love this.

The yard bird made out of discarded elements. My mom has had this for years.

The wider view of the backyard. The towels look nice, don't you think?

This is a gorgeous marble birdbath. That's all I can really say about it. I love it.

and last for tonight - the abstract metal piece. It looks so nice with all of the giant hostas.

I hope you've enjoyed the garden tour. I enjoyed sharing it with you.
Have a fabulous day!
and by the way...I'm back home in my own living room in Jacksonville, FL. Whew, what a long travel day.

Good Night!