Sunday, July 19, 2009

Watching Twilight

I've been reading the Twilight series again, I've found that it's a real good read for vacations. I loved it on my Ireland trip and it was just as lovely on my trip to Michigan. Since I've now read the first book twice I figured I really needed to see the movie.

Since I don't have a video card and I don't have a convenient DVD player in my home, I thought I might pick up the movie while I was in Lansing. My mom has a big TV and a DVD player right in the living room and she doesn't have any other TV channels so all we watch here are movies anyway.

I went to the grocery store today to pick up a few things for dinner tonight when I saw the RedBox video outside of the grocery store. I've always wondered what that was all about and if it had current movies, etc. Today I tried it. It's a dollar for one night. I need to get my movie returned to a RedBox location (any of them) by 9pm tomorrow night and I will only be charged the dollar (oh, plus tax.) If I keep the movie for 25 days, I will be charged for each of those days, but no more and the movie is mine to keep. I didn't have to sign up or have to keep a card with me to swipe or anything, all I had to do was swipe my Credit Card and I got the movie.


So Twilight, the movie. I'll tell ya, I didn't love it. I really liked the books a lot, but I didn't believe that Bella had fallen in love with Edward in the movie. There just wasn't enough chemistry or something. I know books are always better than the movie...but I didn't fall for any of the characters in the movie. It also sort of bugged me that the boys in the school that liked her were all of a different ethnicity. It was far too diverse. I would much rather just believe in the vampires.

OK, so to recap - RedBox video - 2 Thumbs Up. The movie Twilight - 1 Thumb Up and 1 Down. I'll watch it again sometime when I haven't JUST finished the book and see if I score it any different. The Twilight books -- 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up :)

Have a Wonderful Week!


Terri said...

I loved loved loved the books and while I know they can't cram everything into movies that are in the books I want to at least believe in the characters. I didn't (and still haven't) jumped on the Edward bandwagon. I'm not sure he was the best pick. I think Bella and Jacob were great casts. I'm hopeful that they develop the Cullen vampires a little more in subsequent movies.

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

Hi Kristin.
I agree. THe books are great! Love them! The movie, so so. I didn enjoy it, but I feel the same way about it that I do the Harry Potters. They are both better if you have NOT just read the books. Wait awhile. Watch it again. It may grow on you, plus you won't be picking out everything that they left out! ;)
Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I wondered how Redbox worked. Thanks!

Liz Autry said...

yep, I call those adrenalin books. I couldn't put them down for some reason.

I agree about the ethnic diversity. It buged me because it was like they were trying to hard. They even changed the science teacher. huh? Oh well, I still bought it just for fun, and am looking forward to the next movie to see how the new director did.