Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I usually don't jump into trends with both feet, although I have to admit I enjoy seeing some things over and over. I really liked the decorating trend of the pink and brown and the aqua and brown combinations. If you've ever seen the photos from my bathroom, you'd see I'm just one brown element away from having one of those combos in my home! But alas, I chose to stick with white.

One trend that did come into my home was the artful display of rock balancing.

My mother came to visit for Thanksgiving in 2007 and she helped me clean, dust and artfully arrange my entertainment center/bookshelves. One of the things she did was take my small handful of rocks and make a little vignette. She finished the display by placing one stone on top of another one as the centerpiece. It was so sweet.

This display (pictured above) is NOT part of my home. It is however what prompted me to stop the car yesterday when I went on my photo tour. I was driving down the road looking around and couldn't get my car in reverse fast enough. (I did look all around me before I drove backward to the parking spot.) :)

This was a corner lot and they had decorated both sides. It was a beautiful yard.

I don't know how they keep these all together. We get some pretty nasty wind and rain I'm thinking that they might have these glued together. I didn't check, I just sat on the curb and snapped photos.

Now that I look at these photos, maybe they are just balanced on top of each other. They don't look glued together. Well anyway, I think they are just lovely.

Look at that gorgeous color on the sides of those rocks.

This is one of the formations that was just on the other side of the corner and just the topper of the whole balancing act. Vegetation had obscured much of it, but this topper was great. I thought it looked like a sailboat!

Whenever I see things like that I think how easy it is, with a little imagination, to make something beautiful from found objects. I don't think a landscaper was hired for this project. It was just an idea. It also makes me think that I need to stand up straight.

Have a fabulous week!


steviewren said...

Nice photo op find! I'm always on the lookout for something interesting to photo as well. I love that gum covered utility pole in your last post. Too funny!

Keetha Broyles said...

These remind me of stone "pile" (very meaningful of course) that Inuits make.