Friday, July 03, 2009

Up North

So many folks are traveling this weekend. I think it's always so great when the 4th is on a weekend so folks can really get away and enjoy the day. My husband is traveling right now on his way to Michigan. He will be arriving at his parents house tonight, but tomorrow he should be enjoying the 4th of July festivities on his friend's boat. I hope he has a real good time!

Michigan folks tend to head to the cottages of friends and family or even to their own cottages. They tend to go "Up North" which in Michigan speak means North of the city of Clare. A lot of big lakes are up north, lots of woodland lots and of course, the beautiful U.P. (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) Some of the cottages are tiny little two roomed things with primitive facilities but lots of fishing. Some cottages are million dollar places with guest houses and several bathrooms sitting on a huge lake. Most cottages though are somewhere in between but never more than 3 miles from any lake or stream. (that's a Michigan factoid)

My family was one of the 10 in Michigan that didn't have a summer cottage or went up north. In order to go up north, we had to be invited by someone. I think my parents made it very well known that we didn't want to go because we never got invited LOL If there was a party in town, we were there. Out of town, nope!

My husband and his family went up north all the time. They went to a place in the U.P. called Dead Mans Farm and it's been in their family for a few generations. I've now been there. I choose not to have to go back LOL I'm not an up north kind of gal. I can appreciate it though and I'm really happy to have seen the infamous Dead Mans Farm. Tom has his own cottage now too. It's called Piper Camp, named after Mr. Piper who helped build it and owned it for about 5 decades. Piper Camp has indoor plumbing, electricity, a hot water heater and some of the most fabulous tasting water I've ever had in my life. Piper Camp is just a few miles from Dead Mans Farm in the UP.

I got so far off track from where I wanted to go in this post. To my US friends and bloggy friends - I wanted to say , that no matter where you are...if you are like me and at home sitting on the porch for the 4th or if you're with family and friends, please have a lovely time and be grateful for all that is around you. It's a pretty great country in my book.

The photo above - I took that. I didn't realize until just a few moments ago that it's the stars and stripes! Happy Independence Day!


Shauna said...

Hope you have a Happy 4th of July weekend :) ♥ HUGS ♥

Beth said...

My 1st husband and I were stationed at K I Sawyer AFB in the U P for 5 years in the late 70's, early 80's. It's beautiful up there but cold. We loved it!

annie said...

Where are you?

I'm always in the UP, and your post made me curious. Actually, my house is in the UP, but I've been in Ireland, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska in the past two months.

Kirby3131 said...

Annie --- My husband's place in the UP is in Hulbert - Just an hour north of the bridge. Dead Mans Farm is on the Tahquamenon River.

Goodness, you have been traveling! I did, however, had an opportunity to go Ireland in May.