Saturday, July 25, 2009


Have you ever thought of your identity?

When your name is said wrong or misspelled doesn't it just bug you?

My name is spelled wrong and mispronounced all the time although I'm pretty much used to it. I get called Christian, Kristine, or Kirstin. My last name is a totally different thing though -- Unless someone knows me, they put the emphasis on the wrong syllable when saying Corlett. I pronounce it like Corvette, with the emphasis on the first syllable.


On Thursday I had an appointment with a dermatologist, one that I'd never been to before. So when I gave my name at the front desk I was quite surprised when they didn't have any record of me or my appointment.

I gave my name.

I gave my birthdate.

I spelled my name.


They couldn't find me.

I thought I was losing my mind.

Finally someone said - Do you know a Kristin Legg?

I told them that my husband's last name was Legg, but that I didn't take his name. I'd never used that name and neither had anyone else. They told me that my insurance company gave them that name and that I had to use that name in all of my documentation with them. I argued strongly that Kristin Legg didn't exist. She didn't share my birthdate, my SS number, my address, nothing. That was not MY identity. I knew who I was and that wasn't it.

I filled out their paperwork, but not as Kristin Legg.

I signed everything Kristin Corlett.

I received a few prescriptions all made out to Kristin Legg. I told them to be sure to have new scripts ready for me the next day in my real name, because the insurance company wouldn't honor the ones made out to Kristin Legg.

Imagine my surprise when I was right!! They have no record of Kristin Legg.

So back to the dermatology place.

They had to redo my chart with my real name.

They had to give me new scripts.

They didn't have to redo my paperwork because I know my own name.

Goodness, what a hassle. Good thing I don't have an identity crisis.

Hope you have a spectacular weekend!

Kristin Corlett - the original since 1966


Sharinskishe said...

Ohhhhh, not funny. I totally agree with you "My name is MY name"!

I had to think hard about taking my husbands name. I did choose to take it though. However, since I had been Shari Sims forever- 33 years, I chose to make Sims my middle name and drop my middle name of Lynne.

I get the same trouble at places, "You have to be known Shari Lynne Davis." I tell them "no, my Social Security card says I am Shari Sims Davis." I get hassled all the time.

I have finally given up on people pronouncing Shari correctly. It is like the wine Sherry. But as you can imagine, I get all sorts of variations. I'm now OK with that. But I am proud to be a Sims and I want to keep that name prominent, my assigned identity, written and spoken.

You would think that 'WE' would know who we are and that 'they' would have to believe us!

What a fun thing to have blogged about. Thanks for sharing this with us.


Keetha Broyles said...

OH dear, and the other day when I was e-mailing of commenting I wanted to use your name and my gut said it was Kristin, but my head worried my gut about Kristen and I don't know which one I put - - - and since my name is a CONSTANT problem to most folks for spelling and pronunciation - - - let me do all I can to REDEEM the situation:


judi said...

my real name Judith, changed to Judi (by me) then grandkids call me Pudi.. my mail comes to Mr Jude .. i gave up arguing.. I call myself whatever I feel like~~

jb said...

Oh boy...the name game! As you know, I have gotten rid of a few names over the years, but have ALWAYS kept Bock as part of my name (no hyphen crap either)...but just like Shari posted, I had to drop my middle name (also Lynn, but no E) to keep MY name!
Good for you for fighting through that one...I don't know a Kirstin Legg!
<3 Bob

Kirby3131 said...

I was almost 35 when I got married and I told my husband that I had finally figured out who I was and I didn't want to start changing it now. LOL

My online friends call me Kirby. I almost wrote my blog from the Kirby persona, but decided to use my real name instead. I answer to Kirby almost effortlessly. Had I known that when I got married, that I could answer to a new name, I might have changed it.

Keetha -- Oh, the spelling of my name is only irksome when it's family or on something monogrammed LOL Don't you worry your head about spelling my name wrong. I know a woman named Keitha, so I'm always afraid I'm going to spells yours wrong because I've known her longer .

Judi - My mother is named Judith. She just recently changed her name, too. She was Judith Ann. I won't go into why she changed her name, but she's still Judith with a different middle and last name now.

Bob - no kidding. You have been through a few names. You will always be JB to me. and Bob. and and and

Anonymous said...

Well my real name is Olive Rue and I'm sticking to it! ;-)~

Terri said...

that's just crazy...!

judith said...

Naw, her name is Kres (with an umlaut over the e)

...and my name has been changed so many times no one knows what it really is, but I am the one who has changed it:
Judith Ann Henry
Judy Henry
Judy Corlett
Jude (for family & close friends only)
Judith Corlett
Judith Bommer
Judith White Bridger
(at this point I dropped the Ann completely and changed it to White....long story)

love mom

Alison said...

Kristin, you made a goof about where to put the emphasis in Corlett. Corvette has it on the second, not the first...just like we do. That is probably what you meant to say.