Saturday, October 03, 2015

Love Notes

Last year I thought it might be fun to write a little note about something special that had happened that day.   I used old business cards that were no longer current and were blank on the back and found a little basket that they fit into.  Since I was living alone at the time and I was missing Steve every moment that I wasn't with him, the notes tended to be about something sweet that he did or that we did together.

I ended up renting my place out for six weeks to a friend and I moved into Steve's guest bedroom for that time.  While by myself in my place I could find all kinds of time to write out this single sentence or two, when I moved over to Steve's, I completely failed at my special little task.

My plan was to present a year of love notes and memories to Steve for Christmas or as a New Year's Day gift.  Having stopped the writing in April, I didn't have much to present.  I gave these to him at some point near the end of the year and he has pulled out one or two cards every couple of weeks to read.  It's really sweet to watch him read the notes, but the cards prompted us to look into some kind of daily writing for both of us.

My weekly journaling page with our Couple's Journal on top

Steve originally suggested that we write a daily journal and read them to each other the following year, comparing our days. I used a weekly calendar to write my dailies and found it was perfect for me.  Steve, on the other hand, wrote faithfully for a full week or two and then it just got complicated for him.  I'm not sure why, but it wasn't working out for him like he wanted.

About a month before our wedding (June 20th) I picked up a lined journal.  I thought it might be fun for us to start a daily love note journal, like I did with the cards, but each of us writing in the same book and being able to read the notes that day.  I wanted to present the book to him on our wedding day, and hopefully document our marriage from day one. We'd start our new life together and write something lovely every day.  I think the interactive nature of this particular project made it easy to keep current.  We have missed a few days when we had low energy or weren't feeling particularly well, but I'd say we have average about 28 entries, each, per month.
We both look forward to the end of the day when it's time to reflect and pick out something funny, loving or notable.  I tried to stick to the one or two sentences like I did on the original cards I started last year, but with the bigger space to write, we both have tended to get a little wordy.

Our couple's journal

I love how it's evolved and I especially love that finally Steve has found a way to put his beautiful words on paper.

Have a great day!
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