Monday, November 30, 2015

Zoey playing in the new blanket

My kitties love the Anthropologie quilt that I have on my bed.  My mother gifted me the one she'd used for years and even though it had seen better days, I loved it. Unfortunately the small minor holes in the blanket have been getting bigger and bigger the past few months and finally, when my foot got stuck in one of them a few nights ago, it was time to get a new one.

It just so happened that Anthropologie was having a sale weekend, 25% off everything in their store and online.  Here in Jacksonville, FL we have a store in our St. John's Town Center.  I rarely go to the Town Center because it's just so crowded, but for 25% off one of the quilts that I love so dearly, it was worth the inconvenience.  Browsing Anthro in person is such a joy.  So many pretty things.  I swear I touch every book, dishtowel, mug and decoration.  It's a sensation that you just can't get from a catalog.

Sunday I got up early, for me, and parked my car in front of the store about 30 minutes before it opened so I could get in and out quickly.  No browsing the Town Center shops for me, but I did browse Anthro - I was THERE!  It was required. And I touched everything.


I brought home my new quilt, a gorgeous print called Woodblock Floral.  Gorgeous colors, soft fabric, lightweight enough to use year round, comfort on all levels. My kitties have all their claws and I'm pretty concerned that they might rip the delicate fabric.  When putting the quilt on last night I realized I hadn't figured out a way to keep their razors off my quilt.

Steve and I have had our kitties for eight months now and they haven't shown any interest in playing with the covers when we make the bed, or chasing the sheets when they get changed, so it was unexpected when Zoey got so excited with the new bed cover!  I folded over the top, so there was a little envelope of fabric and she dashed into that space so fast I didn't have time to react!  From under the safety of the flap, she raced from one side of the bed to the other.  She poked her head in, left her tail out, put her whole body in and shook it all about!  She nuzzled into the bed and batted her eyes at me.   She was in love with the bedding as much as I was.

At one point she flew out of the envelope and on to the top of the bed and settled down just as quickly as she flew out!  Then, something caught her attention and her neck got longer than I'd ever seen.  Complete stillness in her body with the exception of that strangely long neck of hers and her ears.

I don't know what she heard, probably her sister and she was nervous Abby was going to come along and make her share the bed.

It turned out to be nothing serious and Zoey got back to business being a cat, laying down, purring softly and claiming her space.

Have a great day!

KNS Gear has a new store called KNS Card Shop.  We have taken many of my original photos and turned them into greeting cards and postcards.  You can purchase them as a single card or as multiples.  We also have a couple of postage stamps with organ donation as the theme.  Here are a few examples of our Christmas line.  Enjoy!