Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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These are the links to all of my own posts in the month of September.

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Jupiter Finale

In the midst of this nationwide financial meltdown & uncertainty we closed on our flip house. We have had a buyer for the house for three months. We've been trying to get all the paperwork straightened out and it seems like at each turn something went wrong and we had to start over. If something could go wrong, it did.

The past few days I have been a bit nervous as we had a closing set for today at 4pm.


We Closed!

We Closed!

The Check was Received!

The Documents Signed!

The Financing was Approved!

We Closed!!

What a relief.

I feel like I can breathe again.

The new owners can now breathe as well.

If you haven't seen the flip house or are new to the blog Click Here and Here to see the before and after photos.

This is a fantastic day!

The Gates of Central Park

I watched a documentary on HBO this afternoon called "The Gates." It was just fascinating at times and a little slow in others, but mostly it was just a great story about art, Central Park and New York City. I've got it on my DVR right now. The Gates were the art project of Christo and Jeanne-Claude. The exhibition in Central Park was February 12 through February 27, 2005.

If you'd like to see a quick time-line of the Christo project Click Here. I can hardly believe that it took 25 years to see this project to fruition. This time-line even shows some of the manufacturing plants and storage places for all of the pieces and parts of the art installation.

My sister, Alison, and her husband, Jim, were fortunate enough to go to NYC while the gates were up. They took a ton of pictures and sent them back for all of us who couldn't make it. (I just sent Alison an email asking for a comment on the gates, so I'll update when I get a response from her) UPDATE! In Alison's email she said...

I think one of the most impressive things is very much like you said about the color chosen. One could get a great sense of how enormous the park is by the winding paths glowing in electric orange. The simplicity of design and concept in general was amazing...and the name, The Gates, has many different meanings. And unlike much of the public artwork in cities, this installation could absolutely not be passed by without being noticed. I presume it made a lasting impression (good or bad) on everyone who experienced it.

Because it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that makes seeing it even more special.

I remember my own opinion of the gates when I first saw them on TV. I thought it was insane to have the gates the exact color of construction barrels. When looking at a birds eye view of the gates, it did look like a huge line of orange cones. However, when I saw close up photos or videos of the gates they became much more beautiful. I love how they move and swish. The color is gorgeous when the sun shines through the fabric and the park seems to be incredibly alive in the dead of winter, by the saffron color of the gates. Central Park saw record number of visitors, too.

I would have enjoyed seeing this in person, but I feel like I was able to experience some of The Gates by watching the documentary...which is just ending as I end my post. Great timing!

Hope you have a fantastic day & enjoy some art today.


Monday, September 29, 2008

National Suit Drive

Men's Wearhouse is accepting donations of gently used suits now through the end of October. I thought it was only through the end of September, but as I was getting the link from their website, I see it goes all the way until Halloween.

If you would like more information, Click Here.

I asked my husband to go through his suits and find some to donate. He used to wear a suit fairly often, but no more & I was truly tired of having a good chunk of our closet being filled up with suits he will never ever wear again. He managed to find 5 suits, 4 sport coats and one extra pair of pants to donate. He still has about 10 more suits in the closet and now that I know we have another month, I may get that whittled down a bit more.

Men's Wearhouse is also accepting mens dresswear, as well as suits, to be distributed to at risk men and youth who are looking to be a part of the workforce.

Ask your menfolk to go through their closets and donate their gently used dresswear to your local Men's Wearhouse, if you have one nearby. I only had to ask my husband a few dozen times!

Have a great day!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Karen's place

This is Karen's home in Dickens, Nebraska. This house was moved to this location - it used to be her grandmother's home. The house really doesn't lean backwards...it was the photographers fault on that one. Wonder who took that picture? I bet it was Stella, the 5 month old.

This is Karen and my mother, Judith. Karen made me take her picture several times, as she kept telling me that her mouth was crooked - I told her that she had a crooked mouth! LOL I couldn't change that and we loved that about her. So she finally agreed to this photo.

Now I'm going to take you on a short trip around Karen's house. I love all the old woodwork and details in this house. Karen updated the kitchen at one point, but really never updated the rest of the house. This is the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. I loved the hinges.

This is the barn. I took this picture from the living room window. I thought about traipsing outside to take this photo of this beautiful barn, but the little sand burrs were everywhere and I didn't really want to have to pull off a thousand of them off my pants and shoes. So the livingroom it was.

The livingroom and diningroom both had this chandelier. It is just so lovely and simple - yet it has a lot of details to it as well. The medallion on the ceiling and the little "vase" piece just down the chain a bit are so unusual. This is probably a very common piece for this era house, but I was fascinated by it.

This picture is mostly of the cabinet in the archway. There is an identical piece on the other side. The next picture is the backside of the other cabinet. Isn't that cool? The cabinet is built right into the archways. Karen's cabinets were filled with assorted glass dishes, salt cellars and glassware.

I posted this picture yesterday when I talked about the rabbit ears, but today look at the backside of the cabinet tucked into the arch.

This old stove just sits in the corner of Karen's kitchen. Looks like she uses it as a little message center. It is beautiful. I recall that stove from the last time I visited when I was a teenager. I don't remember a lot about the house or the farm, but I immediately recognized the old stove.

and last but not least is this beautiful glass doorknob and plate. I'm a sucker for glass doorknobs.

Hope you enjoyed the quicky peek at some of my favorite things about the little old house in Dickens.

Have a great day!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rabbit Ears

How long has it been since you've seen this set up?

For me, it has been a long time.

Karen, who you will meet tomorrow, likes her TV.

She likes the rabbit ears.

She likes the 2 channels she gets.

Personally, I loved that the aluminum foil was made into perfect little flags!

Tomorrow I'll give a little peek into Karen's home.

Have a great day!

Friday, September 26, 2008

The CoffeePot

Just outside of Omaha on I-80 is this coffeepot. We have passed this landmark on our way to Maywood for as long as I can remember. I don't think we had ever stopped there before but this time we decided to make a point of stopping and having lunch before we headed off to North Platte.

Just inside the restaurant there is this incredible looking boot. I'm not too crazy about the plastic flowers, but the boot is amazing. It is taller than I am, which isn't saying much, but I bet it is over 7 feet tall.

The boot is covered in these tiny mosaic glass pieces and the grout is real sandy. I can't imagine how long it took to make this and it looks like it was a donated piece for charity.
We had a nice lunch & Stella was charming everyone with her big smile. My mother had a cup of coffee (Recall, we are at the place with the Giant Coffee Pot) and the coffee was awful. Funny how that happens.

Have a great day!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Road Trip

This past week I spent most of my time looking at this. What a view! Her name is Stella and she is my niece.

My Mother (Judith in the photo below) had a high school reunion over the weekend in North Platte, Nebraska and she asked my sister and I if we'd like to go on a mini road trip. We said sure and the trip was made. Both of my parents grew up near North Platte. My Dad in Maywood (todays population 331) and my Mother lived in North Platte (todays population 23,878) and Wellfleet (todays population 78) - We spent two days going to all of these towns and looking at all the places that meant something to my mother.

This is Alison, Stella and my Mother (Alison's mom, too) This photo was taken in Denver, but I'll get to that in a few days.

Judith (Mom) showed us where her friends lived, where she used to play, the church she attended, the farms of friends and family and told stories at each stop. We went out to visit a woman who works her own farm, 4000 acres. She hires help only when absolutely necessary. I can't imagine.

I spent a few summers in Maywood with my grandparents and I visited with my family many many summers so the tours we went on weren't new. What was different was that I wasn't a teenager hoping only to get out of the car! My sister and I paid attention this time and hopefully we will be able to remember some of it.

This is the Maywood, NE cemetery. I am probably related in some way or another to nearly everyone in here. We took a lot of pictures of the individual headstones. We've got a lot of kooky names in the family, but taking the pictures also helped to give a visual record of the births, deaths, familial relations and marriages.

Western Nebraska is one of my favorite places on earth. I just love it. Too bad I'm allergic to horses!

More episodes coming in the next few days.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm home

Goodness, it's great to be home.

I did learn something today - I am seriously allergic to the cat. I came home, hugged the cat and haven't been able to breathe since. ugh.

Not quite sure what I'm going to do about it - but all I'm hoping for right now is a good nights sleep in my own bed.

Isn't great to crawl into your own bed after being gone for a few days?

I always get this little giggle when I crawl in.

I'll start the Road Trip photo essay tomorrow!!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Girls Vacation

Oh my goodness I have had an incredible time!

If I haven't said where I am before, I won't say now - but I'm on a little roadtrip.

I have taken almost 300 pictures and I'm sure about one third of those are of Stella.

I am leaving in the morning to catch a flight home and as soon as I can, I will give a brief summary of my trip with my Mother, Sister and her baby Stella.

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I kissed Stella. If it was only a million I would be surprised.

Have a great day!

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Capital Grille restaurant

The other night we went out to dinner at the Capital Grille. We had a lovely dinner, expensive! but lovely. It was Tom's birthday so it was a great time to go to this restaurant.

I wanted to take a picture in the restaurant, but it was so dark in there that a flash (or 6! lol) would have really disturbed the other patrons. So, when I went to the bathroom I took a picture in there. I think the sink area was just lovely - especially with the fresh flowers. The marble floors and walls were stunning as well.

If you get a chance to go to the Capital Grille, please do. The food was incredibly good.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hide your eyes

This is Mocha. She has dug her face into her paws. It is one of my absolute favorite poses of hers. My second favorite -- or maybe it's a tie -- is when she has her tongue sticking out. Just sitting there with her tongue peeking out. That is just so cute.

This look that Mocha is giving us, is her "I'm so sound asleep if you touch me I'll scream." So of course, after this picture, I touched her and I thought she was going to jump out of her skin!

Poor thing.

Usually if she's sound asleep she's got a little snore going on. In this case, she was so asleep she was silent.

Until I touched her.

Have a great day!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Beautiful Bridge

This bridge is in Cincinnati, Ohio. Isn't it beautiful? I think it's a bit blurry, but that's what happens when I am trying to take pictures while driving.

Once again, this is one of my Road Trip pictures that I never got around to posting. It just didn't seem to fit into anything I was writing about.

I was watching Candace Olson, the designer of Divine Design on HGTV, she had a special on the other night about her top 10 Kitchen remodels. The number one kitchen featured was one that was inspired by 1920's and 30's Hollywood. Well, every time I see this bridge, I think of Hollywood. When I saw that kitchen, I thought of this bridge! It all just goes together in some sort of weird Kristin convoluted way.

I have no other information about this bridge. I tried to Google it, but I didn't have any luck. If you have any information on this bridge, please post a note in the comment section. I'd love to at least know that name of the bridge.

Have a great day!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Little Mother's Cook Book

Earlier this year I was helping my Mother clean out her kitchen, getting things ready for her kitchen remodel. We came across this Children's Cookbook called Little Mother's Cook Book by Jack O'Hara. The book was originally published in 1952 by the Pixie Press, Inc. Kansas City, Missouri

I remember that cookbook, I remember it well.

There are 12 recipes in the little book and a page with Kitchen Rules. This first photo is of Dicky the Dog. LOL He's a puppy actually and his favorite treat is Hot Cocoa.

This next one is of Kitty Kitten and she likes Snickerdoodle Cream. I never made this one as a kid - although I do like ice cream. I love the look on the little girls face, with her tongue sticking out - how cute!

The next page is the Pixie's Marshmallow Delight. I have only ever had these out by a campfire. (and that was probably in 1982 when I went to camp) but the other reason I have only ever had these by a campfire is because my mother didn't normally have chocolate, graham crackers or marshmallows in the house. We were more of a natural peanut butter and honey sort of household.

This last picture is of Ronny Rooster and he made Sugar Toast. THIS my friends, this I made. I thought it was THE most delicious food ever made. I didn't know it at the time, but I was a big fan of sugar - so sugar toast was right up my alley lol This recipe called for brown sugar, butter and cinnamon. I'm almost positive that I didn't use brown sugar because it was normally a large rock. We used brown sugar for baking a few times a year and inbetween those times the brown sugar would harden to the point of being unusable. So I'm pretty sure that I used just regular white sugar when I first tried this recipe.

Also included in this cookbook are recipes for a honey drink (I remember making that), tea party sandwiches (Made that), pear salad (I made that, too!), chocolate milk, tossed salad, jello dessert (never made that), scrambled eggs and burgers. Goodness, I think I learned how to make all of those basics from this book.

If you ever want to pick up a fun cookbook for you or a child in your life, go onto eBay and take a look for this book. My Mother said that she wanted to use this cookbook with her granddaughters, so I didn't pout at all when I didn't get to take it home with me. (I may have thought about pouting, though, just briefly)

Instead...I went on Google and did a search for this treasure. I am now the proud owner of Melinda Murdock's book. She was probably 4 or 5 when she wrote her name in this book. I'm so happy to have this book. I must have flipped through it 20 times since I got it. It is pretty beat up - the front and back covers of the book have held on because they are glued to the first and last pages of the book. The paper spine has long since vanished, but thankfully the books binding is still intact. Melinda Murdock liked her pencil. She drew in the book with pencil in several places. I'm happy that she used pencil instead of crayon because the pencil graffiti is hardly noticeable. I'm quite happy with my new "old" copy. I'm glad I went and found my own.

It makes me so happy that my nieces may also be able to learn to put together a few fun foods from the same book I used. I'll have to ask my sister if she ever cooked from this book.

Have a great day!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Florence Y'all

I took this picture in May when I was on my road trip from Florida to Michigan and back. I am always pleased to see this water tower because it makes me smile every time. It is located in Florence, KY. Wikipedia has a great description of how it got its name - Click Here to read all about it.

Someday I'll actually stop in Florence Y'all, but until then, y'all just need to know that I smile and wave when I see your famous water tower.

Have a great day y'all!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WFMW - Battery Vacuum

Welcome to another edition of Works For Me Wednesday! Each week hundreds of people link to
Rocks in my Dryer
for WFMW and share their tips. Please leave me a comment and then go on over to Shannon's and see more great tips!

This is a new find for me. One of the people who rented a condo from me bought this to replace what I had provided for them. She said it was quiet yet powerful. It runs on a battery and it has a back up, that can charge while you use the other one. The battery runs for a long time. I vacuumed for about 30 minutes the other day and never ran out of battery.

This vacuum has a two settings - one for bare floors and one for carpets. Both of those settings work very well.

I finally broke down and bought one for my house. I just wasn't vacuuming enough around here because I didn't want to haul out the canister vacuum. If I had a child, this would totally be their job each day lol since I don't - I've been vacuuming each day myself.

When I went to Sears to pick this item up (It is the only place I have found this exact product) the woman who rang up the sale said that a Real Estate agent comes in every few months and buys four or five of them. This is the gift she gives new homeowners. Awesome idea!

This is the Eureka Quick Up. Write that name down because there are several that look or sound like the same thing - they are not made the same. The Eureka Quick Up Model 96D...found at Sears and I'm sure online somewhere.

I just read a few reviews and they all kept claiming that the handle had a quick release so you can use it in tight spots...sure enough, I just checked it out - mine has that, too! Cool!

I love products that work well - This product works very well!

Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Are you OK?

My husband and I were watching TV last night, together. We each had our laptop in front of us, but we were mostly watching TV. Did I mention we were together?

A commercial came on and since we weren't watching a pre-recorded program on the DVR and couldn't forward through this set of commercials, I got up off the couch and went to the bathroom.

Me: Kitty, I'm going to move your body so I can get up off the couch.
Kitty: Meow, grumble grumble

I get up, walk in front of the TV to the bathroom
Close the door
Sit down

Husband: (yelling) Kristin!
Me: I'm in the bathroom
Husband: Are you OK?
Me: Yes.
Husband: You've been in there a long time, are you sure?
Me: Can we talk when I get out?
Husband: I'm just concerned

Now I'm hurrying, I have afterall been in said bathroom for less than one 30 second commercial

Me:(walking out of bathroom) Why are you concerned?
Husband: You were just in there a long time.
Me: I was in there for less than one minute. That commercial that just ended? I went in when it began.
Husband: Oh, I though you were in the bathroom for the whole last segment on TV?
Me: Nope. But thanks for noticing.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Cough Cough

Yesterday around 3pm I noticed that my throat was hurting. I thought it might be a little dry, so got a nice big glass of water.

Around 4pm that dry sore throat feeling was still there. I usually keep myself very well hydrated so this sore throat was disturbing.

It might be the beginning of a cold.

I don't have time for a cold.

I'm going on vacation with my mother, my sister and my baby niece - I can't be sick.

I sound like a commercial, but I had a bottle of Zicam. (I bought the citrus flavored) I had bought it the last time I had a cold, but I was in the middle of the cold and only took a few of the tablets. I had no idea if it actually helped the cold, I was already very ill.

This time, I took Zicam two hours after I first felt my throat getting sore.

The directions say to take one tablet every three hours and for another 48 hours after symptoms subside. I didn't get up and take any tablets in the middle of the night, but I have taken them every three hours while awake.

My sore throat is gone.

The aches I was starting to feel last night are gone.

It may not have been a cold, but I believe the Zicam worked because I feel so much better than I did yesterday.

I will continue to take the tablets for the next 24 hours just to make sure.

Zicam is an over the counter homeopathic tablet that contains a form of zinc.

I believe it works & I'll update my findings as I keep this product in my bag of tricks.

I'd love to have your opinions.

Have a great day!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

How to Peel a Hard Boiled Egg

Hard-boiled eggs can be annoying and time consuming to peel. In this video, master of time management Tim Ferris (author of the great book, The Four Hour Work Week), demonstrates how easy it is to get the egg without having to peel it!

  1. Cover the eggs with water and boil on low for about 12 minutes
  2. Cool the eggs by placing them in cold water with 1 teaspoon of baking soda and ice. The baking soda raises the pH level and reduces adherence. If you choose not to use baking soda, be sure to move the eggs into cold water with plenty of ice immediately after boiling
  3. Crack the top of the egg and remove a small piece
  4. Crack the bottom (wide end) of the egg and remove a small piece
  5. Hold the egg in your hand and blow vigorously into the narrow end of the egg, which will expel it out the wide end.
  6. Doesn’t get much easier than that! Just be ready to catch it when it comes out…
Four Hour Work Week July 2, 2008

The Wedding Date

The Wedding Date (2005) is one of my favorite movies. It is what I call one of my "Go-To" movies. It's a movie that I can turn on and I don't need to sit and watch it. I can do dishes, clean the house, work on the computer. I've seen the movie so many times that I know it by heart. I know each scene and I know what's coming up. The movie is pretty much at the same volume, too, so I'm not all of a sudden blasted out by some music.
The main characters are Kat Ellis (Debra Messing) and Nick Mercer (Dermot Mulroney) and she has hired him to be her escort to a wedding. The wedding is in England - one of my favorite backdrops for a movie - Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994), The Holiday (2006) & Love Actually (2003) all have England as their location in part.

The thing that gets me the most in The Wedding Date, is the music. If you knew me, you'd know that music just isn't a huge part of my life. I don't listen to music in the car, I don't have an iPod or a CD player or anything that plays music. I listen to talk radio and if I'm on a long trip, I listen to audiobooks. I stopped listening to music around 1988 when my car only had an AM radio. LOL Anyway, the music in this movie is just so lovely. I hum it all day after watching the movie. Besides having an Air Supply song being sung by Dermot Mulroney (too fun!) the most memorable songs are those sung by Michael Bublé. These three songs get me every time - "Sway", "Home", and "Save the Last Dance for Me."

This movie was given One Star! Ugh. I can't believe it. One Star? No matter - I loved it. Very little foul language, nice music and fun characters. Ignore the fact that the Nick Mercer is really just a high class prostitute or that someone else is having an affair in the movie - I can actually see it as wholesome LOL OK, so she does pay him $6000 to come to England with her, but really, It's wholesome! They do say the word "shag" but that just sounds much more funny than sexual.

If you haven't seen it, go ahead and watch it knowing ahead of time that some dorky girl from Florida has seen it only a million times. It's a Chick Flick for sure.

Have a great day!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Ike is 600 miles wide.

I'm still amazed at the size of this thing.

I've got a few blogging friends in that area - one in Houston, J.

Musings from Left Field

She was told NOT to evacuate. It still makes me nervous that she's there. She sent me her list of food supplies that she purchased, so if her neighbors get hungry, they will all be able to eat for a week! She even managed to score 6 bags of ice. I think she's lost power, so that ice is coming in handy, I'm sure.

The sheer size of IKE means that millions of people are in its path. Even after it gets down to a tropical storm, millions of people are going to get a lot of rain.

A Category 2 Hurricane has winds from 96MPH - 110 MPH
A Category 3 Hurricane has winds from 111 MPH - 130 MPH

This Hurricane is at 110 MPH as of 10 pm Central time.

Be safe folks.

Spinach Salad

One of my husbands favorite potluck foods is Spinach Salad. The reason I call it Pot-Luck food is that is about the only time I think about making it. He just loves it and we both know that we've got one thing that we love.

Thursday, Tom and I attended the first potluck dinner with the Liver Transplant group since our summer break. For some reason there aren't as many people available in the summertime...which to me is just crazy. Jacksonville, FL in the summer is HOT! I spend a lot of time indoors in the summertime and would love to have potluck once a month, but hey, I'm not in charge of the group. When I'm in charge, we're having potluck in the summer.
(update - 2015 - I am in charge now and we have potluck on the 2nd Thursday of each month all year- insert giant smile)

So, Thursday we all met up for dinner. Three people made baked ziti. Three! I couldn't believe it. We had one tossed salad, my spinach salad, corn bread, beef stew (It was excellent!!!), a macaroni salad, baked beans, watermelon, a vegetable platter, chicken and rice, and of course dessert - two chocolate cakes and a pan of brownies. I meant to take a picture of the spread, but I got to chatting with people and totally forgot my duties.

The neatest thing about the transplant group potluck is that everything is homemade. Most of these people are immune suppressed in some way or another, so take-out is always a little iffy. If we make our food at home, we are all very aware of how carefully everything needs to be washed and rinsed and cooked. Transplant patients are not supposed to eat from buffets, but once again, since we are all in the same boat, the assumption is that all the food is "safe."

I'm glad that the potluck dinners have started back up again. I am already looking forward to the one next month.

I scooped out a little salad from the scant leftovers and put it on one of my tiny little condiment plates. I love them. (I got them at World Market) It didn't look quite right just sitting on the counter, so I propped it up against some plum tomatoes and that just did the trick.

Spinach Salad
from the recipe collection of Judith Bridger

2 - 10 oz pkgs frozen chopped spinach (thaw and drain)
½ c chopped celery
½ c chopped green onion
1c sharp cheese
3-4 large hard boiled eggs
1½ t salt
1½ t Tabasco
1½ t vinegar
1c Hellman's Real Mayonnaise

In a large bowl combine all of the ingredients, except the egg yolks. Thaw and drain the spinach. Get as much of the water out as possible, so that the spinach is almost bone dry. I use a mini food processor and I chop up the egg whites, the egg yolks (set those aside) and then I chop up the cheese into small pieces. You can also cube the cheese if you'd like.

When serving this to a large group I add in extra celery, green onion and an extra egg.

Mix all the ingredients real well, put into a serving dish and top the whole thing with the egg yolks. Refrigerate for about an hour to allow the flavors mix. You may serve with horseradish on the side.

Serves 6 or more.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Rabbit

My mother is remodeling her kitchen. It is an exciting time for her because I think she's been wanting it changed since about the day she moved in, 24 years ago. She has painted the countertop, painted the backsplash tiles, she even painted over a stained glass window in one of the cabinet doors. She's done a lot over the years to change the way the kitchen looks, but she had not yet torn down walls or taken up the floor.

Those days are coming soon! I hope she takes lots of pictures.
The thing that I have always loved in my mothers kitchen is the rabbit head. It is kind of a scary looking thing if you start to stare at it for any length of time, but for the most part, it has just been a part of the kitchen - always holding the dishtowels with such ease.

I wonder if the rabbit will be a part of the new kitchen?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WFMW - Handy Vac

This week on Works For Me Wednesday, there are already well over 200 links today. Shannon, our host, is talking about Cheap Haircare, so be sure and see what she has to say about that, when you are done reading my tip, of course!

My tip for you is the Reynolds Handi-Vac kit. It's a real great product.

Want a Demo?


The Handi-Vac is located in the baggies, aluminum foil, trash bag section of your supermarket. I found mine on the bottom shelf. There is a package that has the vacuum sealer and baggies together and then there are boxes that have just the baggies for use with the Handi-Vac.

Here is my meatloaf - YUM. I made several batches of it so I'd have some in the freezer for later.

See that container? There's a tip for ya - That's the Take-Out container from Maggiano's Italian Restaurant. They are the perfect size for the meatloaf, when I store it in the fridge. It has a really great clear top on it, too.

I cut the meatloaf into sizes that make sense for us. I forgot to label the bag shown, but I did label the second one before vacuum sealing it...

You put the food in the bag, seal the top of the bag just like a zip-loc. Don't press any air out or anything just close the top.

It is MUCH easier to write legibly on the bag, if you write on it before you put the food inside LOL

I see the date - hmmm, I guess that date is a dead giveaway that I've stock piled WFMW posts, too! I would love to give a tip a day, but thankfully for you all, I try to keep most of my tips to just one a week.

OK, to continue....

Then take the handy dandy Handi-Vac and press it on the big blue dot and start the machine. Just press on the blue dot and all of the air comes out. To open the bag, just unzip the sealed top...just like you would any zip-loc bag. I usually vacuum seal freezer stuff, but you can certainly use this for fridge stuff, too. You can reuse the bags if the food you stored was cooked food. I would not reuse a bag where I had stored raw chicken, but that's just me.

Please head over to Rocks in my Dryer for at least 200 more wonderful tips from the blog world. Wednesday is one of my favorite days of the week. I just love to read the tips.

Have a great day and go check out the Handi-Vac.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Tom!

Happy Birthday My Dear Husband!

You are a nine nine baby and next year your birthday will be 09/09/09. I'm thinking this year leading up to those fantastic numbers, will be fabulous!! Let's make this your best year yet, Tom!

Love to you,
Your Wife
(I love saying that)

*this picture was taken about a month ago. We were having dinner with Liz and Walter. How did I get so short?

Happy Birthday also goes out to Jeffrey. My dear friend's son.
He's a teen this year... 13! Oh boy! All grown up and no where to go lol

Monday, September 08, 2008

One of those days

Ever have one of those days?

Yep, me, too.

Today wasn't one of those days,

but this made me laugh so hard when I saw it,

that I had to share.

It might make one of THOSE days

a little more tolerable!

Have a great week!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sending Love

I am going to end up speaking about these people a lot so I had better come up with some names for them. Let's call them Annie and Jake. These are the people who I had to say goodbye to the other day. Annie had already left town, just a few days after I got them settled into their condo. She had to go back to work, as so often happens. There is only so much time off a person can take when the medical bills keep piling up - but that isn't my point of this message.

I spoke with Annie on the phone today. I was hoping to comfort her and instead she listened to me cry for a little while. When I spent some alone time with her here in Jax I casually mentioned that I was becoming a bit numb to the transplant process. I've met so many people and have heard so many sad stories of the trials of each persons disease and decline that it is not wise to internalize all of it. It is just a lot of sadness to take on, so I don't for the most part. There is also a lot of joy and hope and I fully participate in that.

When I spoke with Annie today I said, "So much for being numb!"

I did all the laundry today for the condo they rented, to get it ready for a new family. I thought about Jake with every piece that I folded. I thought about how he may live for years. I thought about how interesting to know that you have an expiration date. We all know we are going to die, but to know that it is coming sooner rather than later is a very interesting perspective. He can say all the things he wants to say to everyone. Or he can be reflective. He can love fully. He can also be angry, but I really don't think that that is part of his make up.

I, personally, don't want to live each day as if it were my last. However, having that expiration date (or time frame) is an incredible gift. Many years ago I sent out handwritten cards to a few friends and family members telling them all the things I could think of that I loved about them. It was so much fun. One of my friends wears burks with wild colored socks. It is so annoying, yet so adorably her. I love that. I think these little things that I do (that we all may do) is one of the ways we can pour love on our family and friends and let them know how much they mean to us.

I want Jake and his wife and his family to love each day and each week and each month and each year that they have each other all together. I want them to make family memories. I want Jake to live his best life. I want his bad days to be few and far between. I want their family to know that if they can't be there every day, that it's OK. Jake knows that they love him and that they have their own lives to live! He has his life to live, too.

I want to keep in touch with them as much as possible. I'm thinking maybe I'll send Annie an email with just a short message a few times a week. I love to send cards, so I will certainly send a little note every so often. The one thing I know I can do, is to send a little prayer to them each day.

If you have a moment, send a little healing prayer to Michigan.

Thanks so much,

Saturday, September 06, 2008


Friday night - Midnightish - My husband was watching TV and I was looking at the cat snuggled in the mattress pad cover that had just been washed.

I said to my dear husband -

Me - Do you see her?

Him - I know, it looks like she has been laying out in the sun too long.

Me - (Huh?)

Him - and her teeth are incredibly white - too white. Did she get them done recently?

Me - (I'm still looking at the cat)

Him - and her hair - it is really light and it is overly done today. It sticks out far away from her face.

Me - (Now I'm totally cracking up)

Him - What?

Me - I was talking about the cat.

Him - (laughs) well that was funny.

Me - I wouldn't dream of getting the cats teeth whitened.

Him - I was talking about her (Tonya Reiman - a body language consultant)

Me - I figured that out.