Wednesday, September 03, 2008

WFMW - Online shopping

This week Rocks in my Dryer is hosting a backwards edition of Works For Me Wednesday where the reader (you!) is asked to help solve a problem. Shannon's blog will have hundreds of people posting their requests for when you have helped me out, please go over and see what else needs your attention.

Tis the Season!

Birthdays are coming up and Christmas is few months away. I would like to know where you like to shop online.
Do you shop on Etsy?
What are your favorite Etsy stores?
Do you shop on ebay?
Do you have a favorite there?
Do you get everything through
How about Overstock? any luck with them?
Got a friend or family member that you want to give a shout out to? Go ahead!

I have two nieces that are going to need some gifts (4½ and just under a year old, by Christmas time) so I'd love some ideas for those girls, too.

So spill the beans - where do you shop online?
Leave links in the comments section and I will update this post with clickable links from those that got posted. I know that sometimes the urls are too long and aren't clickable in the comment section...but they come through in my email.

Have a Fabulous Day!

UPDATE - Here are the links from the comments, so far...
There are some real gems in here. OOoooh I can't wait to start browsing.

UPDATE 6 Sept 08
I think I have gotten all of the links from the comments. There are some really great finds in here. Thanks to everyone who commented!


James Avery Jewelry

CafĂ© Sola—Coffee with a Purpose

Ten Thousand Villages

Uncommon Goods

A World of Good

Spoon Sisters

Red Envelope

Creative Kids Stuff


Old Navy


Sassy Onesies

Aubreys's picks on her blog

Baby Center Store

Baby Cheapskate

Gotta Deal

Lillian Vernon

Etsy - Jeweled Bloosoms

Etsy - Letter perfect Designs

Etsy - K Voss Designs


Growth Charts N' More


The Vintage Pearl

Little Brown House

Renee's Funky Country

Sierra Trading Post

Occasion Bags

My Kids Store


kara said...

All right, here goes!

Jendeis said...

Amazon, Uncommon Goods, Old Navy, iTunes, Sassy Onesies, also Red Envelope and Spoon Sisters.

Aubrey said...

I recently collected all my favorites into one blog post: Here's the link:

I occasionally use ebay, and definitely amazon, but I'm loving more and more handmade goods to give to people. Have fun!

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

I definitely hit amazon and take advantage of the free shipping offers they extend during the holidays.
In addition, I like
AND, may I recommend if you haven't discovered it yet

where Angie keeps you up to date on who is offering great deals!

I'll be sure to stop back later today and check out the other reader suggestions, great topic!

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

it sure would help if I could type. that was

sheesh! :)

AmyK said...

I'm all about Amazon. Sometimes I hit eBay, too, but rarely; it's so hard to keep prices down there.

Kristy said...

I love Etsy! I buy all kinds of things there, because I love how unique things are and that you can get customized stuff!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Growth Charts N' More
The Vintage Pearl
Little Brown House
Renee's Funky Country

amyswandering said...

I find all my shopping deals here:

Baby Tunnel Exodus said...

I adore shopping online because who really wants to see my 4 year old melt down in the department store followed up by a cranky 2 year old confined in her stroller being semi-entertained by her uber bored 9 year old brother? NOT ME.

Looks like you've gotten some fabulous links, one tip I would give you is to ALWAYS google that stores name with "promo code". You can almost always get reduced to free shipping, and I've gotten up to 30% off my purchase price with a code that took me an extra minute or two to find. I'm such a fan.

Good Luck & Happy Shopping, Whitney

Leigh said...

I love htese etsy stores...and these are ones I saved for items I liked myself.

a great price on this laser tag game I am getting for my fmaily for Christmas:

Additionally, I shop amazon all the time (which is also tpys r us now).

And anything personalized I think is great!(LV has a lot to choose from)

I will have to check the links listed here.
Girls of that age, you cannot go wrong with anything Hannah Montana. Walmart has a ton of clothing items and dress up. I am sure that T-R-U has it too.

Leigh said...

oooo, aubrey had some good ones. Will check others...

Wanda said...

I have bought some super sweet deals here....
If you are a GOOD shoe lover....
This is the best discount place to go online.

Sierra Trading Post

Vered - MomGrind said...

Amazon for books, CDs and toys for shoes
Gap for my kids' clothes for my own clothes for kitchen stuff

I think that's about it.

Tiffanie said...

I use Amazon a lot. And to promote my own business... We have a few great (and educational) gifts and toys in our My Kids Store. We also sell Occasion Bags. A four 1/2 year old would enjoy our Activity Time Occasion bag.

Tiffanie said...

PS thanks for stopping by my blog! And although my counter says seven days, Doctor thinks I'm past due and wants to induce tomorrow. Hopefully baby comes tonight!

Kirby3131 said...

These are just great!!! I've been browsing through them for the past day or so!

Thank you everyone!!

Ebany said... is one of the best site for online online shopping.