Saturday, September 06, 2008


Friday night - Midnightish - My husband was watching TV and I was looking at the cat snuggled in the mattress pad cover that had just been washed.

I said to my dear husband -

Me - Do you see her?

Him - I know, it looks like she has been laying out in the sun too long.

Me - (Huh?)

Him - and her teeth are incredibly white - too white. Did she get them done recently?

Me - (I'm still looking at the cat)

Him - and her hair - it is really light and it is overly done today. It sticks out far away from her face.

Me - (Now I'm totally cracking up)

Him - What?

Me - I was talking about the cat.

Him - (laughs) well that was funny.

Me - I wouldn't dream of getting the cats teeth whitened.

Him - I was talking about her (Tonya Reiman - a body language consultant)

Me - I figured that out.


"J" said...

LOL =)
What a TRIP!!!

Girl, if you did get your cats teeth and I would really need sit down and talk!!!! LOL

Kirby3131 said...

J - I'd need be taken to a mental hospital, immediately LOL