Monday, September 29, 2008

National Suit Drive

Men's Wearhouse is accepting donations of gently used suits now through the end of October. I thought it was only through the end of September, but as I was getting the link from their website, I see it goes all the way until Halloween.

If you would like more information, Click Here.

I asked my husband to go through his suits and find some to donate. He used to wear a suit fairly often, but no more & I was truly tired of having a good chunk of our closet being filled up with suits he will never ever wear again. He managed to find 5 suits, 4 sport coats and one extra pair of pants to donate. He still has about 10 more suits in the closet and now that I know we have another month, I may get that whittled down a bit more.

Men's Wearhouse is also accepting mens dresswear, as well as suits, to be distributed to at risk men and youth who are looking to be a part of the workforce.

Ask your menfolk to go through their closets and donate their gently used dresswear to your local Men's Wearhouse, if you have one nearby. I only had to ask my husband a few dozen times!

Have a great day!


Scribbit said...

Too bad they don't have one here--my husband just got a new suit and got rid of his old one.

georgie said...

What a GREAt cause! my mr gp owns one suit-his Church suit

"J" said...

I think that is very nice of MW to do something like this!!! It will really help some people out!!!!

Shad has 0 suits!!! lol
He will be getting one for our cruise ~ For sure!!!