Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Are you OK?

My husband and I were watching TV last night, together. We each had our laptop in front of us, but we were mostly watching TV. Did I mention we were together?

A commercial came on and since we weren't watching a pre-recorded program on the DVR and couldn't forward through this set of commercials, I got up off the couch and went to the bathroom.

Me: Kitty, I'm going to move your body so I can get up off the couch.
Kitty: Meow, grumble grumble

I get up, walk in front of the TV to the bathroom
Close the door
Sit down

Husband: (yelling) Kristin!
Me: I'm in the bathroom
Husband: Are you OK?
Me: Yes.
Husband: You've been in there a long time, are you sure?
Me: Can we talk when I get out?
Husband: I'm just concerned

Now I'm hurrying, I have afterall been in said bathroom for less than one 30 second commercial

Me:(walking out of bathroom) Why are you concerned?
Husband: You were just in there a long time.
Me: I was in there for less than one minute. That commercial that just ended? I went in when it began.
Husband: Oh, I though you were in the bathroom for the whole last segment on TV?
Me: Nope. But thanks for noticing.


Genny said...

That is too funny!

nottryingforaboy said...

That's funny.

We also watch tv both of us on our respective laptops.

Though we do tend to notice when the other one is in the potty because you can still see the tv from the potty. We have no shame. TMI, I know. LOL

Kirby3131 said...