Saturday, January 02, 2016

2016 Word of the Year - Release

Welcome! Welcome! to 2016.  Holy Smokes, 2015 flew past so fast that I was still questioning what year it was at the end of December.  Let's hope I can get the date change right before summer arrives.

In the past I have chosen a word of the year to help me keep focus and to keep going even when I was wearing out. The long hot summers in Florida can really wear a person down.  Air conditioning and a cold drink seem like the only thing reasonable to want on those days.  My goal word for the year of my divorce from Tom was Intention.  I intended every single thing I wanted to do or have done.  I wanted the divorce to be drama free and I wanted to be able to keep Tom as my friend.  I intended it and made it happen.  I still use intention to guide me. Funny how doing something for a year helps create a path in the brain to help keep the habit going.

The next year my word was Action.  Now that I was a single gal, living on my own (briefly) I needed to take action and get all the little things accomplished that was previously done by my ex-husband or someone else.  I wasn't about to let myself sit down on the job - I had to take action!  I got a lot accomplished that year, too!

Then, I skipped a few years and didn't create a goal word.  That was all well and good as I was in love, stars in my eyes, snuggling and cooing and just being pretty happy.  I moved in with Steve, we got married and now we are starting our first full year together as Mr and Mrs. or as we call it, Hubband and Wifi.

Love can keep us together, but an over stuffed house, over stuffed life and over stuffed bellies can be overwhelming and not so loving. I decided I needed a word goal for this year and it came to me within moments. After analyzing it for awhile, I realized it was the perfect word for all of the things I wanted to work on this year.  RELEASE was it.

My year is the standard Jan 1 - Dec 31 and my first very big goal is to get the garage cleared out so that Steve's car can get back into the garage and he and I can both get into the car while it's in there.  One of the Christmas presents I gave to him was a inside-out detail of his car and when the crew was done with it, he would be able to pull it into the garage for the duration of the year (and longer!)

Getting the garage cleared out is going to be 85% release of my stuff and about 15% of Steve's.  But in order for Steve to even get to his stuff, we have to get rid of mine.  Thankfully I have another storage space to put things, but with the RELEASE mantra in my head, I hope that very little goes into storage.


Do you have a word of mantra for the upcoming year?
Have you ever done anything like that before?
I have had huge successes choosing a word for the year. For me it's so much better than writing down resolutions.  There is never a fail for using a goal word.  

Wishing you a great day!

This is one of our greeting cards Steve and I have designed from one of my photos.  It's my Mom's cat looking under the guest room door at me.  She really really wants to come in and lay on all that cat free bedding.  I love that the door is so short that she can almost get her whole face under it.  She's such a cutie.  

We have a couple dozen greeting cards in our KNS Card Shop - most of them are Christmas related, but keep checking as we are going to fill it full of my photography and other designs that Steve creates.  

We're looking forward to a great year!