Saturday, July 18, 2009

Photo Shopping

I went to Anthropology a few days before I left town and took my camera along for the ride. That store is just so cool when it comes to displays. This current look that's going on is all about Chalkboards. Remember the chalkboard party that I was a part of last month - here - well I would have loved to have had a few of these photos during that event. The chalkboards in the store were all over the place. They were used strictly as a WOW factor, like above, they were used as signage, as descriptions for various sections and as labels for bins. I just loved how the chairs were not lined up with the drawings behind - so they looked like shadows in reverse. Very very cool.

I spotted this set of silverware - I really liked how the etchings went all the way up to the eating area on the flatware. I hid the price tag and now I can't even begin to remember what the cost was per place setting. Ahh well, I just thought they looked neat.

Green wavy plates in an old looking wooden box. It looks like they needed to dust :) I could almost imagine this exact scene being played out at my house. Great looking dishes on a dusty cabinet :)

Another photo of the chairs. It almost makes me want to have a wall behind my kitchen table and chairs just so I can do this. almost!

Egg cups...for me a totally impractical item, but I've always liked the idea of them. I could see buying a small set of these and lining them up on the edge of the very top shelf in my cabinet, just to make it look pretty. Or I could just take a picture of them here in the store and leave with that!

This was very very cool. The big wooden sink type base for the bucket was so very well worn. I touched it several times :) but the little bar of soap at the very bottom of the chalkboard made me laugh.

I managed to make it out of Anthropology without buying a thing, although I think I wanted nearly every single one of the new dishtowels. My dishtowel stack is giant, so it was quite easy to resist.

I hope you are having a great weekend! I'm off to an art fair tomorrow with my sisters, the nieces and my mom. I hope we have good weather.



TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

Hi Kristin.
I'm glad you've been having a great trip. Your niece's are adorable!
Would you believe that I've never been inside an Anthropologie store?! I would love to. some day. The displays look awe inspiring. I can't believe you came out with nothing in hand. Talk about self control! ;)
Enjoy the rest of your trip. Have fun wrecking the journal.

jennifer said...

The chalk boards behind the chairs are so cool.

Anonymous said...

Such cool stuff. And SOOO much better to take photographs of everything instead of buying it all! Cheaper and less to dust!