Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Missing you

A cool window in Portland, ME, that I took with my phone.

I miss blogging.
I miss taking photos all the time.
I miss my blogging friends!

I am doing a lot of new creative things.
I am doing more with the transplant community.
I am attending auctions and having a ball.
I am staying home more.

The break has been needed.
I can feel it in my bones the relief of not making myself take a photo
a day or create a blog post each day.
I loved doing it, but I didn't realize the stress I heaped on myself
until it was gone.

I cannot deny that I miss you all.
I love writing and photographing things for you as well as for myself.

The break has been long and it will be longer still, but I find
myself wanting to come back.
Wanting to take photos.
It's a good feeling.
But I'm not there yet.

This is just a note to say that I'm doing well.  I love painting furniture, am enjoying buying for my antique booths and just as happy to see stuff sell.  I am no longer feeling sad and depressed.  I found my happy place!

See you around!


Karen and Gerard said...

I know exactly what you mean about putting pressure on yourself to post something every day. I feel the same way about M-F. I feel a bit guilty if I don't put up something new each weekday. I usually use the weekend to schedule posts for the week on my eclectic blog. The book blog is easier--I just mostly post our book reviews when we finish a book. Enjoy your happy place!

Lisa said...

Happy place is a great place to be! So glad you are enjoying your new found passion.

We miss you too, but I totally understand that REAL life is way more important.

I miss your pictures, too! You have a great eye.

Ann in the UP said...

Thanks for checking in with us once in awhile. We are all happy that you're happy and doing good stuff!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

As you know, I miss you too!
When it becomes a chore instead of something you enjoy, it's time to step back. I look forward to your return!

Nancie said...

It's nice to know you are happy; it's also nice to know that you miss your photography. Having a balance is difficult, but you are following your heart>to good effect! No matter what, you are creating, and that adds your special vision to the Universe. And I, for one, am glad of that!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Even though I see you on FB I miss you here and I miss your fabulous photos! Hope to see you soon.

bill lisleman said...

I have only posted everyday once and that was only for the 12 days of Christmas. Maybe I would have more followers if I post everyday but I'm not sure. I think a blogger can get by with posting once a week. Whatever your schedule you should never let blogging stress you. It should be fun. I enjoyed this post.

jb said...

I was with YOU when you took that picture! I miss your blog and your photos, but I am so happy that YOU are so happy!

42N said...

I thought of you as our two football teams met yesterday. I hope your new focus and energies are what you want. Keep checking in...and post more photos when you can.

jennifer said...

I miss it sometimes too. And then, I get over it. I need that outlet, that way to express my teenincy bit of creativity but I can't handle any more expectations on my life. I love you like always.

Merry Christmas Kristin!