Sunday, October 25, 2009

A very full Saturday

Here's the latest baby photo.  She is just something, I'll tell ya.  I didn't get a chance to hold her yesterday, as there were others in line ahead of me, but I'll hold her today.  I thnk each day Scarlett just ratchets up the cuteness factor.  If the sun would come out here in the land of clouds, I'd love to take some photos of this kid, like a professional photographer would.  Ahh well, we'll get some photos of her, natural light or not.

photo from the site - Oceania

Last night my sister, Hillary, my mother and I all went to the movie "Amelia" about Amelia Earhart.  I don't normally read newspaper articles, but this article in the L.A. Times was real good.  The movie is about the life of Amelia, from about the time we all got to know her - her first journey across the atlantic until her death.  We are introduced to Gore Vidal and George Putnam, who were an important part of Amelia's life, but we are also introduced to the airplanes she flew and the people she meets along the way.  It's a very interesting story and a lovely movie.  At times the movie was a bit confusing - I wasn't sure exactly what was being said in a conversation.  It was like there was an inside joke, but I didn't get it :)  That's pretty common with me haha  But mostly we learn what it was like to be a lady pilot and how much Amelia worked just to get enough money to fly.  This movie was great for an entire family - no bad language, no intimate scenes (just a few kisses) and no crazy cops and robbers type of chase scenens.  The reviews are mixed on this film, but I'd give it two thumbs up.  There is an incredibly interesting site, Oceania, where I got the photo above.  If you've got an hour or so to read about Amelia Earhart, go on over and take a look. 

After the movie the three of us went over to a little restaurant to have some snacks, a drink and talk about the movie and anything else that came up.  The Michigan State v Iowa game was on the TV in the bar area, where we were sitting, so unfortunately we saw the last half of that game.  Sitting in East Lansing, home of the the Spartans and watching them be ahead with 2 seconds left in the game is a hard spot to be in.   We know and love our Spartans, but we know our Spartans.  Iowa won the game in those last 2 seconds. 

So it was a fun day and a dissapointing football game, but the good certainly outweighed the sad :)

We have Zora again today.  She's still got a fever and she still can't go home.  Her other Nana has had her since Friday afternoon, which has been a delightful break from our sick child babysitting job, but she's coming back to us until she's well.  I cannot imagine what it's like for Zora though.  She isn't allowed to go home, she can't see her parents or her sisters or sleep in her own bed.  This has been going on since Friday morning October 15th.  10 days.  Poor kid.  Well we get her back today and hopefully she'll be at the end of this awful sickness. 

Well, I took more photos of those yellow trees - I just can't get enough.  So, here are some more pictures of the same park a few days later and after a ton of rain. (Previous photos here) The last photo of the mail truck, is directly across the street from the park.

Have a gorgeous day!


Ruth Ann said...

You're soo went to see "Amelia!" Richard Gere is in it and there are no intimate scenes?! Oh well, I guess I'll go anyway! Is it sad, did you cry at all? Please tell me he didn't die in this movie too?

Just Breathe said...

Scarelett is a precious little girl, a blessing from God. I want to see that movie, did Hillary do a good job? Your photos of the yellow trees are awesome. I love the first one through the fence post with the splash of color from the other tree. Beautiful.

Keetha Broyles said...

She is cuuuuuuuttttteeeeee.

That's really cute in case you're wondering.

How much longer ya got before you head south again?

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Wonderful pictures, but the first-priceless!

jennifer said...

She really is a beautiful baby.

This series of photographs are just stunning. I love the shot from between the pickets of the fence. And the ground shot? WOW!

I don't know why but Amelia doesn't appeal to me at all. I believe you that it was good but I'll wait for the video.