Thursday, October 29, 2009

POTD - Pansies

Pansies - by Kristin Corlett

Pansies can still be seen blooming in and around Michigan.  They don't like the heat and I can guarantee that there isn't a whole lot of 90º days in Michigan.  This flat of pansies was found at the Allen Neighborhood Farmers Market in Lansing, MI.



Just Breathe said...

I love pansies. Nice photo.

Julie Stiles Mills said...

Pansies are my FAVORITE flower!!! Thanks for the view!

You know they aren't in Florida right now! Radio said it was 90 degrees again today!

Karen said...

I always love seeing the pansies in the garden stores in late winter, just before spring. They are a promise of what is to come.

Condo Blues said...

I love pansies. They are supposed to be naturally bug resistant too. Who knew?

Sharinskishe said...

These looks so beautiful. My pansies died off early because of the heat. My petunias are now beginning to bloom nicely again because of the cooler weather. Funny flowers!