Monday, October 05, 2009

Covered Bridge and Keetha

My day on Sunday started off real nice.  I got up in the morning and my Uncle and I drove to a little town on the Northern edge of Indianapolis called  Noblesville.   He had spotted a covered bridge there awhile back and asked me if I wanted to see it.  I said sure!  So off we went.  This is the official marker and had I actually read the teeeeny tiny print on the bottom that said "continued on other side"  I would have photographed the other side of this marker.  Sheesh. 

 As you can see, the covered bridge was not torn down and replaced with a concrete bridge.  Thankfully so - as this is a gorgeous bridge.  That's my Uncle Matthew in the photo :)  Hi Matt!

 We took a little walk down eather side of the bride on the walkway.  That is one fabulous reflection.  The water was shallow and the current wasn't strong at all.  We found a spot for Matthew and his boys to put a canoe in the water.  We told funny stories (mostly him telling me stories about my cousins - his sons) and Matthew pointed out different types of trees and birds.  It was a nice morning.  Thanks Matthew!

I left Matt and Marg's home around noon and headed off on my next adventure.  I was going to meet Keetha.  Live and in person!  I could hardly wait.  I met her at Culver's - which is an interesting restaurat to say the least.  I thought it was fast food, but it's different fast food.  I actually had a pot roast dinner.  It was so very good.  but then again, I could eat pot roast every day.  I love it. 


 Keetha knew someone dining in Culver's while we were there, so we grabbed her to have her take a photo (or 6) of us.  It wasn't until later that I realized that I had forgotten to put on my mascara when I was doing my makeup.  How funny.  It was so good to finally meet Keetha - I think I hugged her ten times before we sat down.  She was so sweet, she even bought me lunch!! 

 After that photo session she took me to the school where she teaches and I got a chance to see her classroom. I loved it. It's such a small school that it was kind of hard to imagine only having a handful of students, but once I saw the room and the chairs and tables, it was easier to understand.  Thanks Keetha for taking me there - I really liked seeing where you go all day!  I know the kids just love ya...even though they think you are as old as a dinosaur.  (That's why they call her Keethasaurus!)

 Then Keetha took me to her home.  One of the first things I saw was, gasp, Brunhilda and Boris Bearsaltandpepper. I felt like I was in the presence of royalty.   Seriously, I was excited to see them!  What a hoot.  If you have no idea why I'm excited it's because you haven't read Keetha's blog :)  Brunhilda and Boris went on vacation with Keetha and her husband and had all sorts of adventures and they blogged about it.  I had so many belly laughs that I couldn't wait to meet the superstars. (It all started here)

Keetha and I sat in her family room and talked.  We talked and talked and talked.  We laughed at the kitty who wanted a lot of attention, we talked about our blogging friends and how much we enjoyed the blogging family, we talked about how we came to live where we live, we talked and talked.  It was a great time.

I so appreciate your friendship, Keetha and I am so grateful that we got to meet and laugh and share the same space.  We're doing that again for sure!!  What fun.  (and I'm doing very well with my bloodsugar levels.  Thanks for asking!) 

I hope you have a fabulous day!


Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

YOu are so lucky! I am so jealous! You got to meet Brunhilda and Boris Bearsaltandpepper and most of all Keetha! And she got to meet you? Lucky girls! I only hate I wasnt available when you drove through my town. I missed you. I know you girls had fun!

jennifer said...

That is SO wonderful! I love the way Keetha showed you her life - that speaks volumes.

Brunhilda and Boris?!! LUCKY!

Keetha Broyles said...

Brunhilda has been a bit grouchy since you left, Kristin, she says you FORGOT to hug HER good-bye.


Guess what - - - we've managed to keep the counter CLEAR of junk mail ever since you were here.

What? That was only two days ago - - - well, two days without a pile of junk mail is a HUGE accomplishment for us!!!

Unknown Mami said...

That's wonderful! How nice that you two actually got to break bread together and enjoy each other's company in the flesh.

denise said...

ah...this is the post i was looking for! way too long how you connect back to her blog...i also hope to join friday fragments one of these days...