Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Guy

Remember a few months back when I talked about the guy in the above photo?  (here) OK, so it was nearly a year ago, so it's alright if you don't remember.  I was talking about Burger King and how I met this guy and we dated a few months and then I ended with a little sigh I'm sure because I have always wanted to see him again.  Just see him.  To know that he was OK, that he looked happy at least and well, I just really needed to see him one more time.  The last time I saw him was in 1988.  21 years ago. 

Since I had my 25th HS reunion earlier this month I've seen so many old friends and the memories just keep flooding back along with the memories of Pat.  The 4 months we had together have just been searing a hole in my brain.  I couldn't stop thinking about him.

I checked the internet again to see if I could find a phone number for him and nope, no phone.  I tried to figure out how to find a cell phone number, but that was pretty much useless because I wasn't going to pay for such information.  I checked his address once again and it said that he was still living in the same place where I last knew he was living.  I was going to see my friend Missy this evening (who is in the red sweatshirt with her back to us in the photo above) so when I arrived I said, will you come with me to Pat's house?  She said yes and an adventure began.

It took us about 30 minutes to drive to his house.  There were lights on and cars in the driveway.  No Beware of Dog signs or anything, so I was pretty sure I wasn't going to get eaten before anyone answered the door.  Missy stood back a ways while I knocked on the door and I kept thinking, "Woman or Man, Woman or Man."  I was wondering if I wanted the wife to answer the door or Pat to answer. Pat answered.  It took me a second to fully recognize him, but I did before he got the second door open.  He looked at me and I said his name and he said yes and held the door wide open and asked us to step in, but I wanted to make sure he knew who I was before I accepted, so I paused a moment and let him look at me again and said "I'm Kristin Corlett."

To say that a little look of shock came over his face is an understatement but to see his face light up in recognition of both the name and the mug standing before him was great.  I  introduced him to Missy, who he did not recognize immediately, but he did later when we started telling our stories of our double dates and other assorted mischief.

Pat's wife and children were in the house and they all came to say hello.   Pat's wife invited us to stay and chat, which was such a relief.  I told them right up front that I was just giddy to be there and so happy for the warm welcome.  We started in on the stories right away, just to break the ice and to help thaw out Pat's brain...it's only been 28 years since we dated :)  By the end of the evening Pat was telling stories about me that I hadn't remembered and had told the story of how we met.  I think of all the things, that was what was about the best...he remembered how we met and he remembered it the same way I had. 

We talked about the concerts we went to, my 16th birthday party, when we (all 4 of us) went Trick or Treating because Missy's little cousins were ill so we went for them, Pat picking me up in a Trans Am one day, going to the hospital the night his sister had a baby, and then some drinking stories that really shouldn't be shared online!  We packed a lot into those 4 months.

I can say this because it makes no difference to the day to day life that I lead, it won't change anything, but I have loved Pat since the very second I met him.  I have.  When I think of him I can only think of love.  It's pretty cool actually because for the past 28 years there has been a steady stream of good wishes and love being sent his way.  I'm betting that's why they let me in the door tonight :) 

When I left they told me to come back any time.  I nearly burst into tears.  He has a lovely family and they love him.  It's good to know it and to feel it.  Since I didn't know Pat at all (except for that brief meeting in 1988) after our little 4 month relationship he became the perfect mythic figure.  He was the best boyfriend, he went out of his way to do fun things with me, he took me places, he called me, he  was perfect, then we broke up and I obviously never got over him!  It turns out that he is real and not mythic, so that's great to know, too. 

So Pat, thank you.  Thank you to your wife, Sherry and your kids for letting Missy and I come into your home.  You folks have made my year -  I think I'll be smiling for a month.  If you ever want to come to Jacksonville, FL just let me know, I'd love to show you around.

Oh right!  before I forget here is the updated photo - Pat and Kristin 2009.  I told them that I was blogging about it and HAD to have a photo.

My Michigan adventure is coming to a close.  I leave on Friday morning.  Thanks everyone for the vacation of a lifetime. Who knew coming home could be so good.

Have a grand day!


jennifer said...

Oh my gosh Kristin. You amaze me. You visited that family with a love in your heart that was completely non-threatening to his life now - you brought only good will! I think I adore you even more for having written this post with such HONESTY (I think I've said that word to you a couple of times today *grins*).

Your smile is as sweet now as it was back then.

Leaving your blog grinning over your adventure (you brave woman).

Unknown Mami said...

I'm crying. This is just so beautiful. I am so happy that yougot to have this experience.

denise said...

i'm so happy for you! you are so honest and have so much integrity you can share your ongoing love with a man and his wife and be normal about it...i would spin myself into ideals and "what if's" and over-analyze everything but i think it is wonderful how you can focus on the positives and be happy for him and for yourself and where you both are at in life...thank you for sharing yourself; you're inspirational!

Lydia said...

OK, now I have chills and am wearing a huge smile and feel validated for carrying love for a certain guy through the years (whose name is Pat, no kidding!) and feel envious that life presented you with this moment and feel impressed that you took life up on the offer! There is a little box in my blog's sidebar with a quote by Voltaire. I am linking this post there...right now.

jb said...

You are nothing but love to all who know you, and so many who will. My own life is a better life because you are in it! How wonderful to have a moment/memory come around and be a blessed circle! Love you Bob 4 eva! Let's head over to the Peanut Barrel and have lunch!

Loria said...

K - you and Missy crack me up - what a fun evening. I'm so glad you were able to reconnect with Pat and meet his family. Safe travels. Lori

Kirby3131 said...

Jennifer - Thank you :) I gave Pat and his family my blog URL, so it was kind of scary to think that they might read how I really feel, but you are right, it is indeed honest.

Unknown Mami - I know what you mean. I choked up several times already just thinking about it.

Denise - Ongoing love...hmmm, I guess it was. :) I am extremely happy that he has survived without me all this time LOL

Lydia - Oooh, another Pat, how great. Thanks for the link, I'm so glad you enjoyed the adventure! I hope that others do read this as it turned out well. :) It helps that Pat married someone lovely who understood that I was not a threat but a rather a treat! :) I hope you get a chance to see your Pat someday, if that's something you want to do.

JB/Bob :) I love you, too honey. You have certainly been a profound influence in my life as well and I'm glad that you and I were able to connect that fateful day and eat a wonderful burger at the Peanut Barrel. The Michigan trip would have been the Triple Crown if you'd been here :)

Lori - Thanks! You're the only one who commented today who actually knew Missy! That's fun. She was a real trooper for going with me. It was just perfect that she went because she helped with the stories that I had forgotten.

Thanks again everyone! I still haven't gotten the smile off my face LOL

Keetha Broyles said...

These special reunions are so fun.