Thursday, October 29, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Alison and her daughter Scarlett

Saying goodbye to the family is usually so hard.  I'm usually in town for just a week so we've been running around like crazy trying to get in a dinner with Mom and one with Dad, working around Hillary's work schedule to get another night out doing something together, maybe seeing Jim at one of his gigs and by the end of the week we are all in need of a nap!

This time, since I was in town for such a long time, it was easier to schedule things and we were a lot more relaxed with seeing each other.  Sometimes I went a whole day without being at Alison's house!  Zora was sick for those 10 or 11 days, so I was on kid sitting duty for a few of those days.  I had a birthday and I visited with so many people that it almost makes my head spin.

I fell in love on this trip - that doesn't happen every time I come into town, but it sure did this time.  The little one that I'm so in love with is that bebe in the photo :)  Stella and I also had a pretty great thing going on, too.  She didn't want to have much to do with me when I first arrived, but being here for so long she just got used to me and allowed me to walk with her, play dolls with her, run around the house, watch her jump in the leaves and other assorted 18 month old things.   Zora and I had some really nice times and some rough times.  She's going through her teenage years a bit early I believe, but she is incredibly smart and can draw!  She's just like her momma that way.

I took a family photo of Alison & Jim and their three little ones, but I have already packed my cord to the camera, so I'll just have to post that another day. 

So I said goodbye to my sisters and my nieces.  I've packed the car already, just have a few things in the house that I need in the morning and I'm ready to hit the road.  The weather looks good, I'll get a book on disc in the morning from Cracker Barrel and I'll be cruising.  I'll be back in Florida before nightfall on Halloween :)

Bye Michigan!!


Keetha Broyles said...

Drive safely, my friend!!! I won't rest peacefully until I hear you are safe and sound back in your little Condo in Jacksonville!!!

jennifer said...

So HOW did I miss your birthday? Did you post about it? If I commented on that post and missed that it was your day... well, I just hope not.


Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dearest Kristin,
Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Albeit belated :(

But sincerely felt :)

Please drive safely! I am sort of sad to see you go. You were obviously happy while you were visiting and all of the pictures were wonderful. I know you will be glad to get back to Florida though. It is awfully warm down here in the south!

jennifer said...

ACK! I failed to mention that the picture with this was beautiful. I know your sister liked having you around. The memories that you preserved were beautiful!

Just Breathe said...

God bless you and keep you safe.
That photo is beautiful. I can only imagine how difficult it is for you to leave. ((HUGS))

Sharinskishe said...

What a precious photo of you with your new niece. You are blessed with some beautiful baby girls!! I am sure glad that this visit has been more relaxing than usual. Sorry that Zora has been sick, but what a blessing that you were there and able to help out.

It is hard living away from our wonderful family members. But thankfully the world is small and getting smaller/technologically speaking every day.

I am quite sure that we are looking at moving in the future. I have a deep feeling inside telling me that we will be. I do keep reminding myself that I have to finish school first- which is this June in 2010. So maybe after that.

Michael still hasn't found any decent or really not decent work since we started school. So things are getting tight. But everything is going to be fine.

Sorry- my comment is turning into a letter!

Be safe! Can't wait to see you back here with you get home.



Loria said...

Be Safe Kristin. Love the photo. my gosh that baby is so perfect. I'm glad you had a good visit with your family. Lori

Unknown Mami said...

How can you not fall in love with that beautiful child?