Monday, October 19, 2009

The Crud

Taken on my walk with Zora around the neighborhood on Saturday.

I've got this giant long list of things I want to blog about, but I just can't seem to get any of it written.  I know I know I've talked of Zora and Stella and baby Scarlett nearly every day this week but that's what I've got on my mind.  So bear with me a few more days - I promise I won't turn into a kid blog.  I've just got some things on my mind and I've got to let it out.

Saturday around noon my Mom and I took Zora and Stella because their Dad had a gig in Indiana and since momma was still in the hospital...well, we were the babysitters.  Sunday morning Zora was cranky, tired, mad, irritable and then sound asleep on the couch.  Stella was so cranky that we put her down for two naps that day.  We finally got a thermometer and Zora had a temperature of 103.  Stella did not - I guess she was just cranky by association. 

My sister was due to come on Monday (today) but with Zora having a fever, she opted to stay in the hospital another day.  Jim picked up Stella on Sunday night and took her home, but we kept Zora since we didn't want Stella or Jim getting sick or "contaminating" the house where the baby would be arriving. 

Here we are, Monday night.  Zora was doing real well all day.  She had a little temp in the morning, but just barely over 100.  We kept her medicated, fed and watered and things were looking real good - then she crashed.  I took her temp - 102. Ugh. 

Zora in the leaves

I feel so sorry for Zora because she misses her Mom so much and now she's being kept away from her Dad and sister, too.  I want to see newbaby so bad I can hardly stand it, but am nervous because I've been taking care of Zora.  Alison has to come home tomorrow, but we aren't sure when we can let Zora go home.  What a mess.

It seems like everyone is sick with something - that's all I'm hearing lately.  I felt so protected iin Jacksonville because we just don't seem to catch the crud bugs that go around.  Now that I'm here in the middle of it, I'm nervous...not that I'm going to get it, but that Zora is not going to be able to go home for a week.  We'll just take it one day at a time.  One. Day.

Take care,


jennifer said...

It sounds like Y'all are handling this responsibly Kristin. I'm so sorry Zora is sick and I will say a prayer that she is all better soon with no one else catching what she had.

Prayers for you too my friend.

jb said...

Poor sweet Zora! Thank goodness she has her Grandma and Auntie to smother her with love, and as YOU are the oldest of three girls, you must be able to really make Z feel okay. Best kisses to all of you!