Monday, March 23, 2015

Wisteria Tree

Spring in Jacksonville!

It's Spring here in Jacksonville, FL.  It's actually been pretty overcast the past couple of weeks, so our spring is surprisingly moving quite slowly.  Last year Spring flew by here in about a week.  We may actually get  2-3 weeks out of this one.

My neighbor has this gorgeous Wisteria Tree in their front yard and I've noticed that it's fading quickly.  I thought I'd better get a photo or two of it before the blooms go away completely.

The petals gathering in the tall grass under the tree was nearly as beautiful as the flowers.

I'm in the midst of making wedding plans and these flowers make me think of bridesmaid dresses. ha ha No bridesmaid of mine will wear anything like this though, I promise.

What a beautiful tree.

Have a great day!

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LAC said...

Wisteria is beautiful! Not sure I've seen one in person, do they have a strong scent? Something makes me think of Lilac when I see them? Maybe the coloring being similar?

We haven't had anything remotely resembling a spring yet. But we're hoping it's on it's way. Please send it NORTH!!!!!

Kristin - The Goat said...

Hey Lisa -- The scent of Wisteria is quite strong. I had quite the headache just trying to get a few shots of the tree. The Wisteria tree is a lot more like a vine, than a tree or bush like a lilac. The are both brilliantly purple, though, and that's great!!

I hope you all get some Spring, soon!!