Friday, July 03, 2015

Kristin and Steve get Married!

I have been waiting to get photos from the other photographers (guests) but it seems to be taking much longer than I expected.  That means I'm going to post the few that I've got and post additional photos at another time.

Right from the very beginning of the planning stages we wanted simple, casual, and fun.  We invited our friends Bud and Bettyann to come with us to Sarasota, FL for the weekend.  The rest of the guests at this wedding were going to be nearly all of Steve's family, a couple of family friends and my Dad.  In a former life, Bettyann was a florist, so the day before the wedding I charged her with the task of finding a nice bouquet of flowers from the local Trader Joe's and make them look suitable.  As you can see from the photo above, the bouquet was gorgeous!  Thank you Bettyann!!

Steve and I designed, printed and assembled the programs.

When Steve walked down the aisle he presented his Mom with a Gerbera Daisy.

Here we are, Bettyann and I.  We were waiting for the music, which stopped for some reason and was never put back on.  So both Bettyann and I walked into the ceremony without music.  I also had my hair up (a temporary relief from the heat) and forgot to put it down until I got up front.

We had our wedding in Steve's Sister's backyard.  She and her husband were fabulous hosts and did 90% of the work to make our wedding wonderful.

Steve and I were asked to hold hands and we laughed because we already were.

We asked our friends and family to place some rocks in the bowl, surrounding this little orchid plant, as an Act of Unity.

Steve and I decided to have necklaces to serve as wedding rings.  The Groomsmen passed the necklaces around to each guest and we asked them to hold them and put their love and good thoughts and intentions on them.  By the time we got the rings back, they were already filled with love and good blessings.

It was an early afternoon wedding and that was the perfect time to enjoy our wedding cheesecake!  Here is our attempt to cut through the sticky cheesecake.  We managed to get it accomplished and gave each other a little piece.  We were civilized about it and didn't smear each others faces with cake.

We had a Cranberry Ginger ale  toast and Steve's Mom has come in for a kiss.

The Family Photos
My Dad - Galen Corlett

Steve's Parents - Paul and Peg Binder

Paul Binder (brother) Peg, Paul, Carol (sister) and Binh (Carol's husband, BIL)

Steve's nephew and niece have been added into this photo - Binh and Carol's children, David and Andrea.

The couple we dragged along to Sarasota - Bud and Bettyann

The car - all decorated with decorations from inside the house.

and they lived Happily Ever After!

If you would like to send a postcard or card to us,
you can use my UPS Store address.
I have chosen not to change my name, so I'm still Kristin Corlett.

Kristin Corlett
Steve Binder
12620-3 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville, FL  32246


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Your bouquet is lovely, she did an awesome job.
Your programs are wonderful too, great job on them!
You two look so cute together and I can see the love between you.
Really loved your necklace rings, very unique.
The pictures are all very nice. Wishing you both all the best, forever and ever......

Brenda wikstrom said...

Congratulations you two. Beautiful pics! Love that part where you passed your necklaces around!

LAC said...

Everything came out so lovely! Those programs are really awesome. You could make a living doing that for folks. Wishing you both many blessings on your journey together.