Monday, June 15, 2015

A license to get married

I joined an online group for the summer called Index Card A Day.  It's just for the months of June and July and the idea behind it is to make a little bit of art every day on something that isn't precious (an every day index card) and that doesn't need to be perfect, just to create and experiment.  Well, I am truly in the "she can't draw worth a lick" kind of artist, so what the heck!

I've always wanted to learn how to collage.  It seems so easy - glue stuff to paper.  The few times I have attempted such a thing, they tend to just look messy.  The ICAD challenge is just the type of thing that I can do to both get my mind into a creative mode at least once each day and to practice my collage skills.

The Angel card at the top of the page was just part of a sticker I got from my last Lane Bryant purchase.  It said # I'm no angel, but that was just far too big to put on an index card.  I cut out the one word and then used a silver sharpie to make one giant frame around it.

The Eiffel Tower card was one of the months of a printable calendar for 2015.  I think it was January's card.  I cut it to fit the index card and added a few found pieces of paper and a bit of string I found on my table.

The Sundance Card was a special one as this signifies the delivery of the wedding rings/necklaces that arrived that day.

On June 2nd, Steve and I went to the county court to apply for our marriage license.  While we were there, I picked up a handful of the number tags that were left behind by other people.  I thought it would make a fun collage piece for that days index card.

The card above is the entire card -- I used parts of the tags and then colored on the thermal paper with dry erase pens - they smeared and changed color and were totally cool looking, in my opinion!  I am really glad I thought about taking those numbers home.

I used the Retro Camera App on my phone to take these next two photos.  I love the sketchy white border on them.  

This Saturday, Steve and I will be getting married.   I never thought I would find a partner that I loved and cared for as much as him.  Ya know, because I'm too old to be giggly in love.  I'm 48 and he's 52 and we're beyond that!


We have been in this rose colored, bouncing love bubble since about a month before we admitted we were in love.  We are the best team I've ever been a part of and I am grateful to be with Steve.  He's never been married before and I am proud to be his Bride.

Have a wonderful day!

Be sure and see our new designs at  Here's our delightful model, Kristin, showing off her new shirt.  Proud to be a registered Organ, Tissue and Eye donor.


Bettyann said...

You are both glowing and we are so excited to be part of seeing your love blossom and grow over the past two years.We have no doubt that this is the forever kind of love you have both been searching for.
Our love and best wishes always
Bettyann and Bud

LAC said...

I am so happy for you both! Enjoy your day and those ahead as well.

Mrs4444 said...

WOOT!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Hey, friend. Just stopping by for two reasons: 1) I found a WONDERFUL photo of a red door that made me think of you. (You are the friend who loves doors, right??) I wanted to email it to you but couldn't find an email address for you! and 2) I posted a video of our cat, Ted, fetching, and I figured you'd appreciate it. If your email's not on your page, will you please share it so I can share that photo with you? Thanks. Glad to know all is well with you :)