Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cat's Log: Day 11 - 30

Those first two weeks all we really saw of our newly adopted kitties were these two brown bundles.  Nessa would lay under the towel and Lettie took control of the overturned cat bed.  I banished them from the bathroom one day and that's when they took up residence under my bed.  All I wanted was a shower, but that's all it took to discourage them from living in the bathtub any longer.  It worked out for the best, as you will see from the updates below.

This is part 2 of the saga.  To read part 1, click here.


Cat's Log: Day 10
Some fun was to be had while the guards were sleeping. We discovered something called "leftovers" - human food forgotten on the  . We snacked on chicken, rice, celery and water chestnuts. We found the water chestnuts to be crunchy and the chicken wasn't too bad! We had to move a few items from the counter tops in order to get to the leftovers, but it was fun watching each item crash to the floor.

Now we are snuggled in for another day, covered head to toe, in our bathtub. With Steve Binder

Left: Lettie
Right: Nessa

Cat's log: Day 11
Last night I decided to explore the house, I mean the prison, a bit and found this awesome basket to lay in! I figure I'm gonna be stuck here a while, so I probably better just get used to being here. So when mom and dad, I mean the prison guards, were asleep, I quietly snooped around a bit...until about 4am when I heard (caused) a thundering crash. Somehow a light on the kitchen counter suddenly fell and smashed into tiny pieces. The guards quickly arose, but by then I was safely hiding. I'm still hiding. Don't tell them I'm under the bed with Lettie, okay? -Nessa

Cat's Log: Day whatever
We remain in hiding.

Cat’s Log: Two weeks
So this place is turning out to be pretty cool. I sleep mostly undisturbed, get treats and lots of attention when I come out, play and run around all night, and get to explore all kinds of new things. I’m gradually claiming this place as my own, rubbing my scent on my people and my new stuff. Hmmm…yes, I think I could get used to this place. –Nessa

Cats Log: Day 14 of hell
The guards have cleverly brainwashed my sister. She seems to be enjoying this God-forsaken place. My cell is of no use now. The guards use it at their own pleasure for seemingly every need. Corners and under beds seem to be the best hiding places. If they cannot find me, they cannot torment me. I fear for my sister for she clearly has been tortured beyond recognition. Undoubtedly the clean litterbox, good food, cool clear water, and comfortable sleeping ploy has turned her. Please, anyone reading this message, help me escape. I don’t know how much longer I can take this suffering. -Lettie

Cat's Log: Day 25
Not much has changed except where we are forced to feed and use the litter box. The woman guard had the gall to put our litter box in a closet! Not just any closet, but the bathroom closet. It's like she's embarrassed of our bathroom habits or something. She also moved our food, so now we have to eat in the living room. I will not be bullied however, so I refuse to come out and eat until the guards are completely sound asleep. Nessa continues to interact with the prison guards, but I've finally convinced her to only go out AFTER it get's dark outside.

We both have found the accommodations under the female guard's bed to be the best. She has never successfully been able to reach us, so it works perfectly as our hideout. At night Nessa and I have started our own version of Kitty Olympics. We race each other from under the bed to the kitchen, as fast as we can. Sometimes though, the guard has shut the door partially, so one of us get's a clean shot through the open door and the other runs head first into it, causing quite a racket! After we do our running, we like to hang out in the window and do our stretching exercises. Our claws make great sounds on the glass. We have decided it could make for the start of a great theme song! For the high jump portion of our Olympics, we have learned how to catapult ourselves from under the bed to the top of the bed. It is best to avoid the sleeping guard, but we haven't quite perfected that technique yet. This is why we only do this in the dark. We have successfully escaped from her grasp each time we've attempted this maneuver.

Nessa may hangout with the guards, but I have yet to see them face to face in well over a week. At this point, I may never need to see them and that would be fine with me.

The Mistress of the night,

Prison Guard Log:
OMG, Lettie just came out of the bedroom, walked down the hall and into the kitchen. Then when she realized she was spotted she high-tailed it to the bedroom again. Still, SHE CAME OUT OF THE ROOM WHEN THE LIGHTS WERE ON! Progress!!!!!!

Cats Log: 1 Month
I think our prison term has ended. I have become quite familiar with the grounds and good friends with the male guard, despite both my sister and I finding great comfort underneath the female guard's bed. Oh, and the guards have begun calling my sister "Abby," a name that sounds quite strange to me. They still call me "Nessa" and do not know if or when they will start calling me something else. But "Abby" and I still gain much fun disturbing the guards' sleep by running around and causing a general ruckus at night. Somehow, I sense they do not enjoy our nighttime playtime as much as we do.

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