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The Love Bubble

September 2014

I've been in a love bubble for a couple of years now.  It's totally awesome and I highly reccommend it to anyone wishing for a beautiful love filled life.  Actually, it might not be for everyone, but it is the perfect place for the two of us.

Our days are not spent looking at each other with dewey eyes and a love struck look on our faces, but at some point during the day our eyes will connect and both of us will get a little catch in our breath.  It's right then that love has just come over us like a tidal wave.  I've never experienced such a thing ever before where two people connected so much.  Every fiber of my being is connected to his and we have our own vibration.  I swear I can feel it even when we are separated.

I've been on the love struck end of the relationship many times, but the love interest wasn't.  Maybe they were initially but it didn't stick.  Steve and I have been bouncing around in our love bubble for a couple of years now.  We think it's wildly beautiful.  Our friends probably roll their eyes at us!

After the New Years Eve Party - Jan 1st, 2014

Last year was the year of the selfie for us.  I decided that we needed to get a photo of two of us for each and every month of the year.  That's only 12 months (January, February... December - yep, 12)  but it seemed like I was always trying to take our picture!  I have never liked getting my picture taken so I have precious few photos of me and my friends.  We somehow managed to take a selfie or had a photo taken of us each month last year.  They hardly look different from one another as we are usually seated at a restaurant and we are sporting a goofy grin, but I love that we did it.  One of the significant photo days was November 15th, 2014.  That was the day we got engaged.  


We'd talked about getting married lots of times and just assumed it would happen some day, but goodness, the actual act of asking. making it official. saying yes.  We hadn't done that until that night.

We went out to dinner and were seated in a small room with a table of 20 celebrating an 80th birthday and three two-top tables.  We sat in the back corner, with a view of the room.  The table was almost too big for me to sit across from Steve and actually hear him, so I pulled my chair around to sit next to him while we had our salad or appetizer or whatever it was we had first.  At some point Steve asked what I saw of our future and I was completely tongue tied.  I spit out something like, "Well, pretty much as we are right now - bouncing around in our love bubble and hopefully one of us getting a paying job!" and poor Steve looked at me with such a pained look --- I didn't get it.

November 15th, 2014

It was then that I saw his nervousness and his tenderness.  He was talking about marriage!  Oh goodness, my heart nearly skipped a beat.  We got real close together and started talking about when and how and where and who.  Your Main Course Has Arrived!  Well, that put a new twist into the cozy talk we were having.  I pulled myself back around to the other side of the table so I could eat and we ooh and ahhhed over each bite.  We shared stories and thoughts and plans and ate every bite.  We ordered dessert and I pulled my chair back to his side.  More talking and dreaming.  At some point we realized that the entire room was empty.  We had hardly noticed, we were so wrapped up in our own bubble.  We kissed a million times that evening, but at some point one of us was going to have to ask the question and one of us that it might be fun to ask each other in unison.  So we did and as we said those magical words we got closer and closer and sealed it with a whispered yes and a kiss.

The waitstaff wasn't oblivious to what was going on and we noticed we had an audience.  They took our picture, brought us out a dessert with Congratulations written on the plate, then presented us with a hard copy photo of the picture they had taken.  Then people kept popping their head in to congratulate us.  By the time we finally left the restaurant everyone was just beaming at us.  Love does that to people.

We were engaged.

to be continued...

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