Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Boy the Monkey and Batman

I was updating my Facebook status today while I was making my way home.  My first mode of transportation was the car.  My Dad took me to my first stop, the bus.  I took a photo of the bus when it arrived and updated my status - I'm on the bus!

Then a few hours later when I transfered from the bus to the train, I took a quick shot of some folks getting on the train and updated my status - I'm getting on the train!

Then an hour or two later I witnessed something interesting.

A young kid sitting across the aisle from me asked the train conductor when the next "smoke break" was coming up.  The conductor said that it would be about 15 minutes.  The kid then picked up his bag and walked down the aisle.  It was then that I saw it...

The boy was putting on his Batman backpack and the head of a stuffed animal, a monkey, was peeking out the top.  It was kind of sad and kind of sweet all at the same time.  I imagined all sorts of scenarios for the reason he was on the train.  I also imagined all kinds of ages for the boy.  I also couldn't imagine a young boy who carries a stuffed animal would be hanging out with the smokers outside the train.

It intrigued me enough that I mentioned the boy, the monkey and the Batman on Facebook.

Awhile after I posted the comment I went back to my earlier picture and realized that I had inadvertently photographed the kid with backpack!   I enlarged the photo, as I just took a quicky shot with my phone and it wasn't a large file, but you can clearly see the little monkey face peeking out of the backpack.

My seatmate and I ended up talking to the boy for a few minutes before my stop and found out a few things.  He's 18 and had been visiting with his girlfriend for a few weeks.  He's now on his way back home.  He seems like a really nice kid, but he is still such a little boy.  Everything he said just told me that he may have more to learn than a lot of kids his age.  I wish him well.  I'm glad the monkey and Batman were on this trip with him.

Have a great day!


Ann in the UP said...

You are an excellent People Watcher! I love trying to figure out why groups of people are eating together in restaurants. Of course, when I do that I get to eat, too----but sometimes it's dead easy, and sometimes it's impossible without going up and asking. (I don't, but that's what it would take.)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm glad you shared this story. 18 is young and it's a shame he smokes but it takes a certain amount of self-esteem to be 18 and carry around a stuffed monkey!