Friday, January 06, 2012

Scenes from Punta Gorda

A painted flower above a shop in Fisherman's Village

I'm sitting in a Mexican restaurant - Dean's Tex-Mex to be exact - and they have pretty fast internet service here.  However, the exception is uploading my photos to Photobucket.  It's being pretty sloggy.  So, I thought I'd post just the few that I've managed to load and leave the rest for next week when I return home.

One of the only cool, vintage items we found in the cupboards - 
a 1964-65 New York World's Fair tray.

I'm having a real nice time down here with my Dad.  We've cleaned out nearly every closet, under bed, around the corner and way-back space in his place.  We dropped off three large trash bags of towels and blankets to the humane society (they always appreciate towels and blankets for the animals)  and a huge trunk load of stuff to the Habitat for Humanity Restore store.  I had piled so much stuff into my Dad's livingroom for so many days I was afraid one of us might trip on the stuff.  I'm glad to finally get it out of there.

These were tiny butternut squash that I saw at the Farmer's Market.

He didn't invite me down to clean, but I did it anyway.  It seems easier somehow to clean someone elses place than my own - I've cleaned out the kitchen cupboards inside and out, sprayed the oven and got that wiped down.  I'm going to be relining the shelves in the bathroom with contact paper later today - I'm actually looking less forward to that, than I was the oven.  I can never seem to get contact paper to stick, but those shelves just can't be left bare.

My Dad's place was full of lighthouses, so I had to laugh when one of the first displays of snowglobes I found were lighthouses.  We have de-lighthoused his space and it feels so much better.  He chose three or four of the lighthouse items to keep.  The place is looking more and more like him each day.  He's going to really enjoy the place after I leave, I can just feel it.

I've been sitting here for over an hour, so I'd better scoot.
Have a wonderful day!



Marg said...

I went to that World's Fair 3 times. It was wonderful!

jb said...

I went to that same World's Fair! There are a few shots taken by my dad of me in a stroller somewhere...I am going to look for them this weekend!
Glad you are helping out your dad, and making his house his. Is he going to live there year 'round now?

Ann in the UP said...

Sigh! That is a sure sign that I'm truly getting old. Something from the 60's is vintage???

Of course it is, Geezer Girl!

Keetha Broyles said...

Sitting in a Mexican Restaurant is one of my very favorite things to do - - - and add on top of that blogging and well, I'd say that's about as close to Heaven as you'll get on this planet.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Love the painting of the hybiscus.
So nice of you to help him out and I know what you mean about cleaning someone else's place compared to your own.