Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yawn, Stretch!

Goodness, that was quite a sleep.
I certainly did need it.
Of course I didn't sleep for the entire month, but boy oh boy, that really might have been nice!

Actually I could probably use another month or two off, but I have really missed my blogging friends and I've missed posting every day!  It's like exercising, or so I'm told.  You miss it when you don't do it for awhile!   I have decided to come back on a limited basis this week.  I will post a Photo of the Day each day and then hopefully by next week I'll be back into the swing of things enough to start writing real blog posts.

I've been in a depressed mood for the past few months according to my self diagnosis and when I finally realized it, I kicked myself in the ass and got with the program.  (If only it were that simple!)  I'm feeling MUCH better the past two weeks, but I'm also keeping my eyes open for that malaise that crept over me before.  I'm sure that's the reason why I got so overwhelmed and had to put my blogging on pause.  And to think, it all started because my kitty passed away.  That's the day I can pinpoint, but I'm sure that not having all of that abundant sunshine helped the Sunlight Affectedness Disorder (SAD) come over me.  I used to feel that when I lived in Michigan but geez, never like I felt the past few months.  I may talk more about this at a later date or not.  I haven't yet decided but I did want to mention it at least.

Anyway -- the photo of the day is coming up in about three hours (or is already posted if you aren't an early riser that lives on the East Coast.)  I'm feeling much better.  I am excited to find new and interesting things to photograph and talk about, so let's get the show on the road!

Have a wonderful day!


Ann in the UP said...

Welcome back! We'll take you in whatever doses you are able to share!

jb said...

omg...i am so happy

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Glad to have you back. I missed you. ((HUGS))

Mrs4444 said...

Welcome back. I felt depressed (for the first time in many, many years) last week. Fortunately, I knew what it was about (too much change all at once, unexpected, and empty nest syndrome), and I'm pretty much over it. Spring is here (I hope), and that will help, too.