Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I've got a question for you.  All of you.

At what point in the holiday festivities do you stop indulging?

We all know the New Year is coming and Getting Organized and Lose Weight are high up on many a New Years list - even if you don't have a list, or make resolutions.

Back to the things that run through my mind.

Do you abstain from most of the goodies from Thanksgiving to New Year?
Do you bake only the things you like so you will have more of a chance to have more of it?
Do you bake things you don't love so you won't over indulge?
Do you cruise the cookie table at all events eating a small bite of everything so it feels like you didn't have much at all?
Do you give yourself a day or two to indulge and then stop?
Is Christmas Day the end of the sugary snacks?
Do you ask your family to hide the goodies from you?
Do you have an end date? or maybe you don't even think about it?

Are you none of these?
Are you all of these?

Am I the one obsessed?

It's true, I'm a diabetic and the holiday season is amazingly hard on  me.  I can smell the sugar in the air and I can hardly resist.  I made very little in the way of baked goods this year.  Since we had our cruise I just knew I wasn't going to have the time to get it all baked, wrapped and delivered.  I made chocolate covered pretzels and they were really great, but I didn't feel the need to eat them all :)  I didn't make my very favorite Christmas delight, Kookie Brittle, because my willpower was at an all time low.  There were some cookies still in the house that I managed to find today and that's when I thought about when I was going to stop.  Then I wondered if anyone else had to tell themselves to stop?

I am so very grateful that I have not gained a bit of weight, except that one cruise pound which I have lost already, but I must stop the madness.  I can feel myself wanting to wander through the kitchen to see if I can find a cookie, maybe some chocolate chips, anything to feed this sweet tooth that had too much this season.  I realize that even if no one else has to, I have to give myself an end date and stick to it.

I've been hanging out at Pinterest quite a bit lately (you can follow me if you'd like.  I have a button on the left side near the top) and food in a jar for gift giving was all the rage before Christmas.  One thing I never once thought of was a whole salad in a jar, including the dressing.  It wouldn't necessarily be in the gift giving category, but more of a homemade convenience food.  (Brilliant!)  I make salad and put it in a container, but I still need to add stuff.  I love to eat salads but preparing them is the chore I dread.  I have already gathered a few jars that would be perfect and I got my favorite salad fixin's at the store the other day.  Now to create the salad.

So to redeem myself from a possible whiney post, I'll end it with the Salad in a Jar.  You can pop on over to Julia's sight and read her hints on making a salad in jar that will last a week in the fridge and how she keeps her homemade salad dressing from separating.  I do believe I will enjoy her website.  I'm glad I found it.

This is just one of the many things I'm going to try in this upcoming year.  I may make a list of the new things I've done.  or not. we'll see if any of it is blog worthy :)

Don't forget to let me know about your indulgences and how you handle them.

Have a great day!


Ann in the UP said...

Okay-----deep breath. I had one day of ignoring the food journal completely. Christmas Eve. My end date is New Years Day, and my goal is to gain only one pound over the holidays. (I may have blown that already.)

Today will be my toughest day, because it is MY family Christmas with my sisters and cousin and their families. I plan to work hard in the kitchen and try to avoid the buffet as much as possible. It's about the people, not the food. Say this three times and click your heels together.

Rebecca said...

That salad in a jar looks amazing and I want one now..... :)

Also, I start pigging out Thanksgiving and stop January 1.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Once Thanksgiving comes all bets are off. If I didn't lose it by now I will eat my way all the way through New Year's Eve. Of course after New Year's Eve we have to finish the left overs. Eventully I will get on track in January and start the healthy stuff. Well that's the plan if I choose to accept it! I haven't gained anything since I was so active!!

42N said...

Anything chocolate
Ice cream
Peanut butter

Jan. 1 back to regular diet.