Monday, April 11, 2011

Discovering Mobile

While in Alabama I took an afternoon and went to visit my friend Jennifer.  She blogs under the name Dust Bunny Hostage, but unfortunately she hasn't blogged much lately. I fell in love with her blog a few years ago and I wait with bated breath for each word she writes! 

I look forward to seeing her in person, too!  We are never are at a loss for words or laughter.  I'm so fortunate that she lives fairly close to Gulf Shores.

Jennifer suggested that she could take me to Mobile, AL and I jumped at the chance.  I've been wanting to see that big town across the bay, but have just never gone.  Thanks Jennifer for taking me!!

The very first place she took me were to some vintage signs! Love the vintage Music store sign. 

Goodness knows that I love old signs.  She said that she has been wanting to get photos of these signs for quite some time so I was happy to be invited!!

One of Jennifer's favorite birds is the Blue Bird, so she's been eying this sign for quite some time.  I loved it, too!

The store is no longer open, but I liked this shot of the sign in the reflection of the locked front door.

I think the hanger has been refurbished but the rest of the sign and the building are perfectly vintage.

I spotted a sign to the Magnolia Cemetery so we discovered this gorgeous place together!  It was established in 1836 and is Mobile's second oldest cemetery.  I guess we'll have to find the oldest one next time.

It is a giant cemetery with beautiful old trees, flowering azaleas (not year round of course, but they were certainly flowering when I visited!) and some really beautiful headstones and statuary.

I'm going to have a whole post on the cemetery at some point, so here's just a nugget.  What a lovely angel for a little boy.

Somewhere during our travels through Mobile we stopped at a Krispy Kreme and had a doughnut.  This kept my tummy from rumbling while we drove around and looked at all of the lovely houses.  We found an open house so we just had to stop and take a look.  I love yellow houses with white trim and green shutters.  I do!  The white picket fence just seals the deal.  It's a adorable!

The teeny little house was just 950 square feet with 2 bedrooms but it had a garage and a nice yard and the owners had completely renovated and updated the place.  It was great.   Jennifer really liked these little planters hanging from the fence and I did, too! 

One of our last stops before going back to her place was to get a view of Mobile from across the bay.

We had a wonderful day together and got a lot of personal friend time in, too.  Thanks so much Jennifer!  Let's do it again real soon :)

Have a great day!

**I got a facebook message that said "[My husband] said the oldest cemetery is Church Street Cemetery behind the library downtown." 



Dysfunctional Mom said...

I love Dust Bunny Hostage, and I've been missing her. I hope she finds her bloggy groove again.
I LOVE the Blue Bird sign, it's my favorite. The cemetery shots are great too.
Love the little yellow house & planters! They make me want a picket fence.

jennifer said...

You won't believe this but I blogged today. I was making rounds tonight, touching base with blogbuds and what do I find? THIS wonderful post. I just love you Kristin and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together.

I am knocked out by how wonderful your photos turned out. The angel was gorgeous (we still haven't been back to the cemetary but I've had company since Friday. Maybe tomorrow or Wednesday we can go).

My absolute favorite photo is the blue bird sign in reflection. You have an incredible eye and it really shows in that photo.

This post made me happy!

Ann in the UP said...

That sounds like a fun day and the pictures are terrific. I love the angel, too, and look forward to the cemetary post.

I was wondering if the "second oldest cemetary" was the second of two in the city.

42N said...

Wonderful photos...keep up the good work!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So glad you got to spend time with Jennifer. Looks and sounds like you two had a great time. Love the signs and all the pictures are wonderful.