Friday, February 01, 2008

Candela Lighting

This is one of those Things I Love and it's called a Candela, that I found at the OXO website. I must have seen this in a catalog or on someone elses website, because one day I tracked it down. I asked for these for Christmas and when my mother-in-law sent money and asked me to please pick out a few things for myself, I went right to OXO and bought these.
This is the picture from the OXO site - isn't it such a professional shot? The lighting is great, the Candela looks graceful and elegant. The Candelas look just that lovely in my home, but boy-howdie, this gal needs to learn how to shoot some pictures lol

This is what my photo look you think I could have gotten any further away? The Candelas are currently just sitting there maintaining their charge just waiting for a power outage, so they can spring to life!

This picture is what the Candela looks like when it is turned on and a flash isn't used. They really cast off a large amount of light. It is diffused, so it isn't like a flashlight. The light from the 4 of these Candelas can literally brighten up a room enough so you can see the whole place - not just a tiny spot.

I have my handy dandy yard stick in the background of the next picture, so you can see that these are only 6" tall. The mosaic pot in the background will be discussed within the week. If you wanted to read a book by Candela light, I would suggest having all four of them next to you - but if you just want to read a note or directions to something, one would do the trick.

They looked so much larger on the OXO Site, that I was kind of shocked when they arrived, but I totally love them, no matter how tall they are. I did read the fine print, I knew they were six inches tall - but who knows what that really means until you see it in person! haha

I enjoy the light of a nightlight. I have nightlights on all over the house, but ya know what? a nightlight doesn't do squat when there is a power outage. However, these babies immediately turn on as soon as they are lifted from their base, or the base is no longer sending a signal to them (like when the electricity is off.) If you have the Candelas off the base but you do not want the light on, there is an on/off switch on the bottom.

On the OXO site they talk about these being great for children, outdoor dinners, emergency lighting and other such things - I like them because I can grab one and put it up next to the thermostat in the middle of the night and I can see everything clearly. I have a flashlight by the thermostat, but I swear that button to turn it on gets harder to find each day. lol So just the act of picking the Candela off the base turns the light on. That is a great thing.

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Those look really cool! :)