Saturday, February 23, 2008


It is pouring rain. Actually it's sideways rain - Is sideways rain pouring? I guess it doesn't really matter at this moment because it is just beating against the windows and making for a very noisy night. I heard some thunder about a half hour ago, but none since. I hope some of this rain is getting into Georgia because we've had three days with rain (not all day) but quite a bit.

When my grandparents lived on the second floor of their retirement community my grandmother said to me that she didn't like the second floor because she could never tell if it was raining. It would have seemed like an odd thing to say, except just the day before I said nearly that exact thing. I mentioned to my husband (Ooooh lightning!! big one!) anyway, I mentioned to him that living up on the 5th floor was fine except when I wanted to know what the weather was like, because I could never tell if it was raining.

Right now it is obvious it is raining - thunder, lightning, rain pounding on the window and lots of noise - but those misty days or when the rain is coming down so softly that it is hardly disturbing the trees. Those are the kinds of rain that is hard to "see" on the 5th floor. Even looking out the window trying to see the puddles is difficult. Maybe I should put some binoculars on the window sill? I'd never use them. haha

I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain. What a glorious feeling, I'm happy again.

La lalalala laaaa lalaaaa lalala lalaaa

Have a great day!

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