Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday - Thank You

What works for me is something I heard years ago. I was at a seminar and one of the speakers said something to the effect… I write Thank You in the memo line of all of my checks. The checks to the phone company, the cable bill, the credit card bills, everything. He went on to say that he was thankful every day that the lights were on so he could do his work.

It is an attitude of gratitude that he is talking about, but sometimes even paying the bills can be a process of Thanks. It also makes the process a bit more pleasant.

I write Thank You on checks most of the time – I admit that I do forget sometimes but I do it very often. In this age of paying online, I haven’t found an easy way of posting a Thank You for an online payment, so I tend to say it out loud as I push send.

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Sonshine said...

Definitely something to think about when paying the "dreaded" bills. It is sooo true though that we should be thankful even for those little things like lights, water, etc. and for the people who work to make sure that we have that luxury.

Thanks for stopping by my "place" today! Have a great rest of the week!

Denise said...

crazy gurl, i enjoy all your posts!

Thank you!