Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Cold

I have a cold. How can I possibly get a cold, I hardly even speak to people lol Actually my husband came home with this cold a week ago and I have washed every surface he has touched in order to keep the dreaded thing fom me. If he could have only used his own air supply that would have been nice because I'm sure he contaminated mine.

I woke up this morning and I could feel it. The nose was stuffed up and the back of my throat had that dry itch. This afternoon the cough started. Just little coughs that grow larger and larger if you let the coughing continue. Supressing a cough makes it look like I'm hiccuping backwards or something. It is not a pretty sight.

I can't help but wonder how I got the cold.

I have this little cart. OK that isn't right, it is more like a milk-crate with wheels and a handle. It is advertised as collapsable (Ha!) I use it every day - it never has a chance to collapse. I'm on my third one, so I guess two have indeed collapsed. I'm cracking myself up. Anyway, I seriously use it every day. I go to the grocery store with it among other things & I put all of my groceries into my bucket (as I loving call it) and when I get to the check-out I unload my bucket and then I give it to the bagger to fill up - no bags either. Just put it in there. I will have to take pictures of this proceedure, it is a hoot. I load it into the back of the car & then unload it at the condo and roll it into the elevator and up to our house. How cool is that!

Why do I do this? and why is this part of my "I've got a cold" post? Because a friend of mine talked about the germs on a shopping cart once that just turned my stomach. I'd wiped down the carts a few times before, I knew about the germs in a brainy way, but honestly it just didn't bother me much. I hardly ever got sick anyway, so I must have been immune to all that. Well, after she told me her version of shopping cart germs - lets just say I was hooked on bringing my own cart (Bucket) from now on.

So, I didn't get the cold from my shopping excursion - at least not from a shopping cart - so it is all my husbands fault.

Now there's a great way to end a blog post -- blaming my cold on my husband LOL

Have a Great Day


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