Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Cold part II

All I could do for two days was wish that I could breathe using my nose. You never know just how much you use a body part until it stops functioning properly. Did you know that it is hard to drink water or any type of liquid when your nose doesn't allow any air to pass through it? It is also hard to sleep, eat, talk or even hear properly.

I am usually not a whiner when it comes to being sick - usually I have too much going on to be able to whine about anything lol However, this week I had the time - I had the time to lay in bed and then move myself to lay on the couch. I sat in a chair for a little while to read a little email but pretty much being horizontal was my MO for the past two days. Being horizontal and whining. Hopefully it was just a little bit of whining. Mostly when I was trying to eat something and I would take a bite that was far too large for the amount of breathing space I had. Since eating was one of the few things I wanted to do, that only happened a few times this weekend.

Today I am much better. I have some air space in my nose. It isn't great, but it is so much less full than the past two days that I feel like a new person. I hope that no one gets the crud from reading this - quick go wash your hands. If it is any consolation, the worst part only lasted two days. I'm saying that like I'm well again, but I firmly believe that I am on the mend...I have to, I've got a ton of things to do, of course.

Be well,


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