Sunday, March 30, 2008

#42 - Laundry part 2

I wanted to update my Laundry dilemma - which is number 42 on my 101 Things to Do list. The goal was to put away my laundry on laundry day, not just let it hang out in the laundry baskets all folded and pretty for a week. These laundry baskets, you see, would stay in the middle of my living room and each day my husband would call out for socks, or his pants or whatever he wanted but couldn't find in the closet - and I would say, gees honey, look in the laundry basket, duh??

It was beginning to really frustrate me that I allowed our laundry to be stored in baskets in the main part of the house. It needed to be put away.

Putting that item on my list of 101 Things to Do really drove it home to follow through on the task and complete it. Since the first of February when I accomplished the first "putting the laundry away victory," I have put away all the laundry by the end of the day. The other night it was seconds before I went to bed because I was "forgetting" I had to do it...but because I folded my sleeping T-Shirt and put it in the laundry basket, I instantly remembered that I still had 5 minutes of putting away to do.

One of the side benefits? I've asked my husband to help me put away the clothes. He grumbles and mumbles and pretends to not know where the socks go, but he finishes his basket in the same amount of time I finish my basket. The side benefit you ask? The side benefit is that I don't have to grumble anymore about having to do it all myself. I also don't have time to grumble, he does that for me. Hearing him actually makes me laugh. So the side benefit is Laughing while putting away the laundry!

I'm going to keep this in the active status for a few months longer, but I think this is a habit by now.

Have A Great Day!

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