Tuesday, March 18, 2008

WFMW - 11:11

Welcome to another edition of Works For Me Wednesday! Each week hundreds of people from around the world gather at Rocks in My Dryer for WFMW and share their tips. Please take a look when you have finished here. Thanks & I'll see you again next week.

What works for me is something so easy. I do it everyday. I look forward to 11:11Am or 11:11PM each day. Most of the time I do a little a dance - my celebratory dance. OK, so I'm a total goofball, but I look forward to this each day.

Why does this qualify as a tip? Because I'd like to suggest to you that looking forward to something each day is a blessing and lightens the heart and can really bring a little bit of joy to the day, each day.

So find something easy to look forward to each day. Whether it is the time of day, or a nightly bath, or being able to read a few pages in a book - something. I think that is the key to happiness - finding true joy in your life each day. Even when it has been a trying day, 11:11 comes around and I smile.

It isn't 11:11PM yet in my part of the world, but when it does strike I will go from room to room looking at all of the clocks and smiling that they all say 11:11 - truly cheap thrills.

Do you have something that brings you joy each day? Post a note in the comment section about what makes you happy each day.

Have A Great Day!


Burger Mom said...

Too cute with the 11:11. I think it's a great idea to look forward to something every day.

Wifey said...

It's not something I wait for, but it makes me happy when the clock reads is 1:23 or 12:34. If I catch it, I point it out to everyone around.

Domestic Spaz said...

I'm also similar with the time 1:43. When I was young we had beepers and my now husband, then boyfriend and I would page each other with the number 143 to say I Love You. So now the time makes me smile. :)

Miche said...

Oh what a great idea! Hmmm, what makes me happy is when I am able to put Little Dude down for a nap and do some work (I do html computer editing from home)and goof off on my blog in quiet. It is a small thing, and rarely happens, but when his nap times up long enough for me to get a few work and fun things done, all is good. Take care!!!

FunkyMonkeyJunk said...

Funny that I should read this post. It's a silly superstition or whatever you want to call it, but I always think that when I look at the clock it just happens to be 12:34, I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be at that moment according to God's plan. When things are tough, it's a reminder that "this too shall pass". If things are good, it's a reminder to "cherish the moment."

ttelroc said...

I'm so glad that so many of you relate to this. I have several times that I like - 12:34 is one of them, too. But the dance comes at 11:11 LOL

I get it 1 - 4 - 3 - I - LOVE - YOU - that one took a minute. Totally cool.

Thanks for the comments!

Have A Great Day!

CC said...

How funny! I've been touching my clock and thinking of my college roommate ever since college at 11:11... because she used to do the same thing! As a matter of fact, her college entrance essay was on 11:11!

Amy D said...

I like it when the clock reads someone's birthdate. Mine is 10:16. :) I also used to take note of 6:33 every morning. My alarm went off at 6:30, and I was almost always laying in bed 3 minutes later. 6:33 reminded me of Matthew 6:33 - "Seek ye first the kingdom of God...." and was a good reminder for the start of each day. :)