Monday, March 03, 2008


Here are the books that I have sitting on my coffee table right now.

Shelter for the Spirit - Victoria Moran
The Success Principles - Jack Canfield
Fit from Within -Victoria Moran
YOU: On A Diet & YOU: Staying Young - Michael Roizen MD & Mehmet Oz MD
The Long Tail - Chris Anderson

I would love to be able to read the entire YOU series by Dr's Roizen & Oz - they are just fascinating. Each chapter explains why something happens in the body - how it fires, how it works, what drives it, how to prevent it, etc. It is just truly engaging, entertaining and informative. Love It!

I can't say enough about Victoria Moran. I purchased the book "Creating a Charmed Life" many many years ago. I used to read just little bits of it before I went to bed. Then mysteriously it disappeared for about a year.

Then when we got the call for my husbands Liver Transplant, I already had his bag packed and ready to go, but not a thing for my bag. I grabbed a stack of my clothes that I thought were stacked and ready to pack - only to find out that I had 5 pairs of pants and a shirt. One shirt. However, I managed to remember to grab a few books. I went to my nightstand and picked up the three books in the drawer. Creating a Charmed Life was one of them & I will never understand how that book found its way out of hiding. I hadn't been able to find it for ages. One of the other books must have been a murder mystery - probably an Anne Rule true crime book - I'm just sure of it and the other book was something that I didn't like because I don't remember a single second reading it lol

Victoria's book was perfect. The little beautiful things she talked about in how to create a charmed life was just what I needed in an uncharming time of my life. I had the attention span of a gnat, so the little book and the three - five page chapters were exactly what I could handle. Also each story helped me see a brighter future, no matter how rough this transplant surgery/recovery was going to be, I could see a future.

In my nightstand right now, I have two more Victoria Moran books (Younger by the Day & Lit from Within) and the clutter book by Peter Walsh - It's All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff...what a great read that is...BUT you have to do something, not just read it before bedtime like I did.

I also have decided to join in on the Oprah Book Club - A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. I love to read all of these self improvement books and spiritual type books, so why not join in on the biggest book club event ever. The first class is tonight, so I read a few pages just to get the feel for it - I'm assuming that I will read most of the book Tuesday while I am in the airplane flying off to cold cold Michigan for my weeklong retreat. (I'll tell you all more about that this week)

Are you reading anything fun, adventurous, thought provoking or that is turning out to be a real good "beach read" as I call those books. You know the ones - I read "The First Wives Club" when it was still in its first printing long before it had any movie offers LOL It was mindless and fun.

Have a Great Day.

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Victoria Moran said...

Hi and thank you ...

Thanks for your kind mentions of my books in your beautiful blog. I'm thrilled that Creating a Charmed Life turned up for you when you needed it. You sounds like an amazing person.

My very best,
Victoria Moran