Sunday, March 30, 2008

Oprah's Big Give

My husband. Well, that is quite a statement LOL That statement is usually said with rolling eyes and a bit of a smile. He is usually doing something or saying something that is just so typical of him. He will watch Fox news for hours (or days) if I let him but if I happen to click on something where Ty Pennington is yelling or or Tyra Banks is talking to her Next Top Models he just throws a fit about something - their voice, their clothing, their attitude, the comment they just made - I don't think he even listens, it just isn't News and he has to let me know that he doesn't appreciate it.


He's been like this for years and I still can't figure out why we only have one place to watch TV, but that's another story I guess.

So, I love Extreme Makeover Home Edition. (EMHE) I even like the megaphone toting Ty. "Good Morning (Fill in the blank) Family! " Sunday nights have always had some favorites of mine - the Soprano's, Six Feet Under, EMHE, The Amazing Race (which has been moved to another day) and many other great Sunday shows. I set the DVR to record Ty and the gang at EMHE just so I can watch it in peace when Tom isn't around, but the newest show after that one I didn't want to have to watch in the middle of the night... and that's Oprah's Big Give. Much to my surprise and delight my husband LOVES this show and often talks about the previous episode a few times during the week.

True Joy!!

I'm so glad that there is such a wonderful show for us to watch together that so far hasn't involved too many megaphone toting speakers LOL

Have a Great Day!

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Denise said...

oooo oooo oooo what night did amazin race move to? is it back? That's the one thing my partner and i can watch together.

Monsieur likes Oprah's Big Give? WOWWW!